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Sarcoptic Mange in dog?

I have a dog who has sarcoptic mange and at the vet they have given her the dip for probably 5 weeks now and haven't seen any improvement so they made it more aggressive and is giving ivermectin and antibiotics for it. Is the mitaban/amitraz dip effective for sarcoptic mange? When i look on the internet i see it mainly for demodectic.


Yes, she had a skin scraping that determined it.

Update 2:

Yes, she had a skin scraping that determined it.

Update 3:

Yes, she had a skin scraping that determined it.

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    I'm not sure why your vet chose the dip. Ask about revolution or ivermectin. Herding breeds may have a gene that can make them sick with either med (less chance with revolution ) but you can easily test for that gene. It stopped my dogs itching within 48 hrs, medication repeated in 2 weeks for the eggs hatching and problem solved. Also be aware mites can live in bedding or any surface up to 3 days off a host, and humans can catch sarcoptic mange (but the mites can't complete their lifecycle on a human, so they die in at most 2 weeks). You can also try a white sulphur dip but it's so much easier and faster with the medicine.

    I am all for natural like Thumper...but mites live under the epidermis layer of the skin, and my dogs were starting to show signs of secondary infections, I used the meds to give them fast relief, then detoxed them with milk thistle and chlorella.

    Source(s): my dogs were given revolution, repeated in 2 weeks, and it worked
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    I am so sorry you are going through this difficult time unnecessarily. I can relate to your frustration and anxiety as I have also experienced a similar situation before.

    Since I am an animal advocate, I must once more step on the toes of conventional veterinary doctors and those who favor pharmaceutical products over natural remedies.

    Sadly, the remedies most often prescribed by vets to deal with mange contain pesticides and/or other harmful chemicals that will be detrimental to your pet's health in the long run and in some cases have caused dog deaths (not to mention that they are toxic to humans as well). The ones prescribed most often are Ivermectin (a well known neurotoxin) and Amitraz (known by a myriad of product names like Mitaban, Edrizan, Maitac, Mitac, etc.). See links below for toxicology information.

    Thankfully, there are a number of alternative products out there that are very effective and made with harmless and natural ingredients that will help your pup recover quickly and safely from this condition. You can easily do some research in the Internet to find out about these and compare your options.

    My favorite one (which eradicates all types of mange mites demodectic, sarcoptic and cheyletiella) and I have used for my dogs in the past is the 'spray type' (see below) which is convenient and easy to use as you do not need to mix anything, just spray. It will relieve the itch almost immediately, it is all natural, harmless, very effective and the price is right.

    Hope this is of help to you.


    Mange spray:

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    To determine if there are mites on the skin the vet would have to do a test called a skin scrape. Then they look at the sample under the microscope for mites. Sometimes it comes back negative in the beginning stages despite the fact that the mites are there, they're just not in the sample collected. U can try an oatmeal shampoo, it won't treat mites or irritation but it will help to remoisturize the skin. Give the treatment time, it should help. Hope ur dog gets better soon!

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    Source(s): Been there done that.
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    have they tested her for it or just based on looks? I have a mastiff that I got 'second hand' and who was bald at the time. they treated her aggressively for mange even though the tests were negative. turns out she had allergies.

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