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Should Americans change they're demonym to USian?

Ok so I have this disagreement with a friend of mine. She thinks that it is conceited of people from the US to just call themselves Americans since we are also named after the continent. She says that people in countries like Brazil (random example just so you know) would be offended because they consider themselves Americans as well. Therefore we should change it to something else like USian. I think that it is not only unnecessary to change our demonym, but I also think that the word USian sounds, for lack of a better word, gross. I also think that most people usually think of the US when someone says American, like most people would think of a country like Brazil if they said South American. And wouldn't the word Usian translate awkwardly in other languages? And would other countries even change our demonym to USian if we changed it? She says its just my opinion. While that may be true I still think its a lot of people's opinion. When I said who would even want to say something like USian she said I was just being lazy.

So I'm asking this on this board because we want opinions from other countries.

A) Do you think it is conceited of people from the US to call themselves Americans? Does it give the implication that we think we are the only America?

B) Do you think of another country besides the US when someone says they are American? Have you (or someone you know in real life) ever had a problem with refering to people from the US as Americans, and if so what country do you, or that person, comes from?

C) Should we change it to USian or another demonym?

If some can answer this question in thoroughly then they will definatly get the Best Answer! : D

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    USian sounds awful.

    If I wanted to refer to someone of the continent, I´d call them North American (or South American). Our continent is not called "America", it is called North America. Some people in the UK call us Yanks, but the term is borderline offensive to most Americans, because yank in American slang means to masturbate.

    American is our demonym because we are the United States of America. Like many slang words, it got shortened, in this case to just America/American. We´re not going to call ourselves United Statesians. American is the simplest and most logical choice.

    Besides, there´s no way you´re going to get a country as proud and stubborn as the United States to change its demonym just because people obsessed with some tiresome political correctness crusade are too lazy to handle a 2 word continent name.

    If I´m stating my continent, I´m North American. If I want to refer to North and South America together, I´d say the Americas. If I´m stating my nationality, I´m American.

  • 9 years ago

    Ok, I'm from Argentina... This is how it works... In english you can call yourself whatever you want, down here we really don't care. But when you say you are "americano" (in spanish or in portuguese), It's at least not appropiate. We have a different perception about this topic, as an example we consider there's only one "america" and it's the whole continent, that's what they teach us at school. In anglo-america you tend to divide North and South America as two separate continents, which probably has a political connotation cause we are poor and you are rich. Anyway, If you ever come to southamerica, just remember you should never call yourself "americano", it would give a bad impression about you (an egocentric yank). You can call youserlf "estadounidense", this is our most common demonym for you. Acceptable terms are also "norteamericano" and "yanqui" (yanqui or yankee has become really common and doesn't necessarily have a negative connotation)-

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No because everyone knows Americans are Americans because the others already have a name, so I can't see how anyone could get confused.

    Brazilians are from Brazil

    Mexicans from Mexico

    and Usians sounds stupid to me to be honest. It just wouldn't sit right.

    Us brits saying 'Those fat USians' NO WAY!

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