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Why is most of the liberal media ignoring Joe Arpaio's investigation that concludes Obama's birth certificate?


Me: the Democratic part vetted Obama period. Do some research.

Update 2:

Sam: so you think Obama is the only president in history that's required to be a natural born citizen? This guy has illegal realitives living in the US. His grandmother claims she was at his birth in Kenya. His wife has called Kenya his "home country" and called him a Kenyan both on video. His birth certificate has been altered, do some research.

Update 3:

That it Sam play the race card the last line of defense when you run out of talking points.

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    Ignoring Arapio is what sane people do, liberal, moderate, or conservative. He is the very definition of corruption, the very definition of senility, and a pure specimen of fraud. And that's not even scratching the surface. Your "points" are specious and absurd.

    Overall crime has gone up continually in Arpaio's venue, Maricopa County, since the sniveling, mincing coward was elected ca.1996. Corrupt in MCSO is of legendary proportion. He has a long history of cowardice, fraud, unlawful detention, and much, much worse. More inmates have died or been murdered under "iffy" circumstances in his jails than in any other detention setup in the nation.

    What this degenerate crackpot lunatic is doing investigating anything, even in his own meth-reeking venue, eludes sane people entirely.

    Arpaio thinks he is doing his version of John Wayne. He reminds rational people more of Mortimer Snerd or Barney Fife. He isn't even a first-rate clown act.

    If this sounds personal, I was compelled by circumstance to sue this gutless blowhard for false imprisonment in 1998, and WON. He is a complete incompetent, the most deranged law enforcement officer on the planet, and belongs in prison or, more relevant, on death row. I proved his incompetence before the law.

    But I have seen much more of it, including the FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL CRIMINAL'S misappropriation of well over $100 million in taxpayer funds. And the phony baloney raid in conjunction with a fourth-rate movie actor, wherein this cowardly imbecile had one of his minions drive an armored personnel carrier into a grossly incorrect dwelling. And the episode wherein he hired and intimidated a former inmate to place "threatening" calls so that he could pretend to be "in danger". And on and on and on and on.

    He is a complete scam artist and psychotic, senile, and unfortunately, dangerous. He has nothing to contribute to any conversation involving reality.

    It is he who should be impeached for malfeasance and fraud. He is NOT a "cop" of any kind.

    He is a full-time, professional criminal. He and his fictional story are being widely ignored because his credibility, even among ultra-right listeners and broadcasters and publishers like FOX and "hate radio", is so low as to actually be LESS THAN ZERO.

    Giving this depraved "rotten apple" attention is very much the same as doting over the disruptive three-year-old in the room: stupid and counterproductive.

    Source(s): The real Sheriff Joe, not the creep's P.R. plants and lies. Arpaio is an incompetent liar and coward, deranged and dangerous. Those facts have been substantiated in courts of law thousands of times.
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    Wait a sec. You advise if Congress supplies the administrative large power to look into on individuals, it's going to use it? Benghazi is a witch hunt being devised from a tragedy. that's Republicans finding for political probability. The AP surveillance is one hundred% criminal by way of fact congress handed a regulation asserting that's below our final president. The IRS difficulty, is a localized adventure in Cincinnati, which got here approximately and become got here across final 12 months. The operative become released. The president had no longer something to do with any of this. i stumble on the AP tale traumatic, even with the undeniable fact that that's totally criminal. i stumble on the IRS difficulty troubling, even with the undeniable fact that it become dealt with far faraway from presidential be conscious. relax. i'm valuable you will locate yet another bright merchandise to distract you quickly.

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    Arpaio is what he is. That is: a "show biz" type, seeking publicity at the expense of reality, for his own sleazy purposes.

    He has negative credibility, in that, when he speaks, no one sane listens AT ALL.

    Check out, the Ripoff Report (search for Arpaio), mothers against Arapaio, and various corrupt law enforcement sites, on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF WHICH this crackpot is ranked the very highest, to include scam artists from all over the planet.

    If he says it, it pretty much CANNOT POSSIBLY BE EVEN RELATED TO TRUTH.

    What part of that do you not understand?

    Even FOX won't touch this fool's ravings much.

    I am ashamed to live in the same country with that idiot.

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    THis will never die because conservatives don't want to believe it.

    He had a valid birth certificate from the State of Hawaii.

    Newspapers from the time show a birth announcement for Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama

    The long form birth certificate has been produced.

    The notion that in the early 1960s a plot was hatched to infiltrate the office of U.S. Presidency with a African American kid? Hardly conventional wisdom of the day.

    The mental knots someone has to perform to believe this "conspiracy" is astounding. Your tin foil hat is much better than mine.

    No news outlet is running this story, because it's nuts. Should they give time to the "Trig" birthers (the ones that say Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy to cover up her daughter's pregnancy), how about 9/11 Truthers? This isn't the "liberal media" ignoring a story about a Democratic president. It's about sane people ignoring crazy people.

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    Extra! Extra! Right-wing racist thug does not find for Black President. “Color” me surprised.

    Last December the Department of Justice accused Arpaio of Civil Rights abuses. Evidence was uncobered that Arpaio’s office failed to investigate hundreds of child sex crimes because the kids were Hispanic.

    Arpaio thinks that public money is better spent going on a witch hunt against the President than protecting abused children.

    With street creds like that, the Republicans will want him for President.


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    OK YOU WIN!!!!

    President Obama's mother, an American citizen by the way, knew her biracial son would grow up and become President of the U.S. and because that is the only position in the world that requires a person to be a natural born citizen of the U.S. so she hatched an elaborate scheme to make it look like he was born in Hawaii.

    Even if jus sanguinis citizenship did not apply for some reason I guess she didn't know all she had to do was simply apply for Barrack Obama's citizenship. As the child of a female U.S. citizen it would have been granted.

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    I find it reasonable to question whether Obama was born in Hawaii for the simple reason that no one has stepped forward with some memory of his birth.

    It just seems that in a 1961 culture, a white woman giving birth to a black baby would invoke some memory among some doctor, nurse, or other person working at the hospital....maybe a neighbor. It is not as if it was a common, everyday event.

    Hell, it was 3 years prior to the passage of Civil Rights Legislation.

    The 1960 census does not show a breakdown for black people, but in 1970, Hawaii’s population was about 770 thousand with 7517 (1.5%) blacks. Extrapolating from that, you can estimate that in 1960, Hawaii’s population was about one percent black.

    The birth rate in the United States in 1960 was 23.7 per 1000 people. Given Hawaii’s population of 632,772 that year would mean that about 15,000 were being born each year in Hawaii at the time of 0bama’s birth. Out of those 15,000 births only about 150 were black children. Given that only 0.126% of married couples in the U.S. in 1960 were interracially mixed black and white, the odds that any of those 150 black children born were of such a marriage is only about one in every six years.

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    Maybe it's because Sheriff Joe is a dishonest idiot. President Obama is an American citizen. Republicans are sore losers! Arizona has become the crazy state!

    The 'liberal' media is ignoring it because they have standards in reporting, unlike Fox News, who fought in court for the right to lie and won.

    Source(s): Common Sense
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    FOX News is silent on it too. Anyone who still maintains Obama's legitimacy after Sheriff Joes investigation showed proof of the forgery and fraud, is an unworthy idiot.

    Here's the link to the full video with proof.

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    Can't think of a single reason the Propaganda Services (formally known as the MSM)of the White House would be willing to point out what is obvious to anyone with the computer skills to dissect the aforementioned forgery. obama is the lie all too many are willing to overlook. To do otherwise is 'racist', as we have seen on multiple occasions.

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