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If God cannot be seen (Exodus 33:20), how does Amos see him (Amos 7:7)?

1 John 4:12 also states that no man has seen God.

And in the stories of Abraham and Moses, it is said that God appears to them.


Isn't that still seeing him though if God caused the vision?

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    It was a vision.

    In vision, Amos beheld Jehovah stationed on a wall made with a plummet, and thus one that was originally straight, perpendicular. Jehovah was seen holding a plummet, and the prophet was told that God was setting a plummet in the midst of His people. As Israel did not meet the test of straightness in a spiritual way, not acting in accord with God’s requirements, Jehovah would mete out justice and “no more do any further excusing of it.” Israel’s high places would be laid desolate, her sanctuaries would be devastated, and God would “rise up against the house of Jeroboam with a sword.” (Am 7:7-9) True to these words, Israel was devastated and Samaria destroyed by the Assyrians in 740 B.C.E.

    Edit... No, not at all.

    In Ezekiel’s vision of God, the prophet saw “something like the appearance of the bow that occurs in a cloud mass on the day of a pouring rain.” This emphasized “the glory of Jehovah.” (Eze 1:28) Similarly, John saw Jehovah’s throne of splendor, and ‘round about it there was a rainbow like an emerald in appearance.’ The restful emerald-green color of the rainbow would have suggested composure and serenity to John, and appropriately so since Jehovah is the master of every situation, a glorious Ruler. (Re 4:3) John also saw an angel with ‘a rainbow upon his head’ (Re 10:1), which may suggest that he was a special representative of “the God of peace.”—Php 4:9.

    The true God, the Creator of the glorious heavenly bodies, has glory and brilliance beyond the ability of fleshly sight to endure, for “no man may see [God] and yet live.” (Ex 33:20) Only the angels, spirit creatures, have vision that can behold his face in a literal sense. (Mt 18:10; Lu 1:19) Nevertheless, he does not expose men to such an experience. In loving-kindness he enables men to see his fine qualities through his Word, including the revelation of himself by means of his Son, Christ Jesus.

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    Exodus 33:20 mentioned God's face as that which was not seen by mankind, not every form he might take(e.g. fire by night/cloud by day, mixed these up). Also no man has seen the Father, except his only begotten Son[John 1:18].

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    The actual statement is "no man can see God and live". This is simple, no man can see God as He really is in all hid glory and remain alive. A man can see God in special circumstances partially, either as a vision, either as Jesus Christ which is God who emptied himself of all his glory.

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