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If Vikings built a new stadium, do you think they would host Wrestlemania?

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    No but i would not rule out a smaller PPV like Summerslam or Royal Rumble type of PPV

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    If a Domed/Retractable Roof stadium, yes. Indy has hosted a Wrestlemania before (VIII). Seattle has hosted a Wrestlemania before (XIX). They are all similary sized, or smaller cities with big stadiums that have hosted a Mania before. Minneapolis/St. Paul is a reasonably sized metro area. Hell, the Metrodome has hosted NCAA Final Fours before, so hosting a Mania should be no problem in that area if the WWE wanted to do it.

    If it's open air, then no. Yeah, the WWE is pushing their luck some with an outdoor Mania in New York in early April (in that part of the country, you could have days in April that could resemble a early summer day, or days that resemble the dead of winter), but in Minneapolis... yeah, forget it. With rare exceptions, it's usually JUST starting to thaw out in Minnesota in early April.

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    @ TheLast Icon, Minnesota isn't a city it's a State. And plenty of people from all over visit the Mall of America everyday. Why can't lots of people come to Minneapolis, or wherever the stadium is going to be located at, to see a WM? You make no sense at all. I'm not hating on you, I'm just telling it like it is.

    Now to answer the askers Q: I think that they would eventually be able to host WM if they have either a dome stadium or a stadium with a retractable roof.

  • If it's a Domed Stadium, I would say yes. If it is an Open Air Football Stadium, then I would say no. It would be more realistic in that case to try to bid for SummerSlam, although The WWE seems to love Los Angeles a lot for SummerSlam. This year will be about the 5th year in a Row, that WWE has done SummerSlam at The Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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    No because I doubt that Minnesota is a good place for fans coming from all over the world to go. It's not a big enough city.

    You're right about it not being a city, but what I meant was that when you here Minnesota you don't think of a "wow" factor that more well known places like Miami, LA, NY, Chicago, & Dallas have

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