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CHocolat Kpop....Wanna know WHY!?!?!?

Ok, so in my opinion Chocolat is extremely obnoxious and i think their music is.....-__-

Next: their vid are always focused on only one girl.

Third: Why are 2 of them only 14!?! Its ridiculous! Have you seen the dances they do! Its awful! they should not be dancing like that! NOBODY SHOULD. They also cannot sing.... BUT! One if the girls i like.

Anyways, my main question is how are they allowed to be that you when their is a law in korea were you hafta be older to perform. and things are always getting band and stuff...just why is it even allowed!

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@Hye-min OMG you don't know ANYTHING. First of all, I LOVE KPOP, Second, No most do NOT debt at that young age, Third, You named two people, and yet you are so exetremly proud of yourself. fail.

Fourth, yea there is a law, GP BASIC's Maknea was not able to peroform on any of the MB MBC KBS shows because she was under 14. Also, Im am the least bit jealous. being jealos require admiration, adn well actually liking what youu see wether or not its in your consois. also, How they dance kinda does affect me, considering THEY ARE ENTERTAINER AND RELY ON THE PUBLIC. Before you go dissing others, make sure you actually know...well...SOMETHING.

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    I've grown to like and respect Chocolat recently.

    I use to be an anti (mostly based off that self-introduction video they posted on their youtube channel when they first debuted), but that changed after i watched this interview recently about them. It was an english interview, so only Tia, Melanie & Julianne appeared on it. (Which i found was a good thing because I wanted to get a sense of their personalities first). The interview was a 30 minute segment i believe, and it was a REALLY awkward interview. The interview lady seemed like she was rushing them and the girls just looked really nervous, like they didn't know how to respond to what she was saying. The way they talked seemed like the way a typical American girl you see in hollywood movies would talk. At first, i didn't like it. But then i thought to myself, well they were raised in America, so there's not much we can do about that right? So i got over it quickly.

    Judging off from that interview,

    #1 - Tia may be the main focus in their MV's (that's not her fault AT ALL. Tia is the face of the group, therefore they're gonna focus on her more. It's the stupid bias cameraman who seems to have a perverted crush on her) But Tia seems like a really nice person. I've watched her in other shows and for an "american girl" she has manners and she's really respectful towards others. Tia is a really good dancer. People hate her yes, but whether u admit it or not, she can dance.

    #2 - Julianne seems like the nicest member in the group. She's the shy one and so it seems like she stumbles on her words a lot but I've never seen her disrespect anyone thus far.

    #3 - Melanie seemed like the least likeable one among the 3. But that could be good or bad. She seems to want the spotlight more on her than any of the other members, but the way she talked and acted seemed very innocent, but then again, that's cuz she's only 14. But she has amazing vocals. Maybe not outstanding but for a 14 year old, i can picture her vocals getting better and better as time goes.

    They haven't focused on Soa & Jaeyoon much but i hope they will do so in the future.

    NOW, as for your comment on their inappropriate dance moves. I won't defend them on that one. You're right, 2 of them are only 14. It shouldn't be allowed. But then again, i have to pull out the "boy group" card, and say that boy groups shouldn't be allowed to do so either. I understand if they're 20+ etc, but if they're as young as 15, NO, just NO. A lot of fangirls get upset about the fact that they danced like that cuz their 14 but if you think about it, fangirling over a boy group member PULLING OFF HIS SHIRT, that gives off the exact same message.

    Nowadays, the korean music industry has been debuting more and more groups, and they get younger and younger. At this rate, i don't think anyone cares anymore. They're just after the money these days.

    Now it's really up to you whether you wanna hate them or not after reading what i just said. Some people could care less about what i just said and still continue to hate them, or you can do what i did, give them a chance. I know 3 of them are half-caucasian, so it might take some getting use to since they don't act like the way a typical korean would. But at least they're trying.

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    Most kpop idols debut at 14... it's a normal age for maknaes that just debuted.

    Guess what? You're not in charge of there life. They can dance how ever they want. It's KPOP. So why not?

    U-Kiss Dongho debuted at 14 too.

    So did Apink's Hayoung

    And guess what?

    They're is no law in Korea where you have to be older to perform.

    Don't go around the internet blabbering about stuff you dunno about.

    Kpop haters.... I don't understand them

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    Well I think they can sing, and the thing about two of them being 14, it's quite normal in k-pop, and it's legal, but it's true the dance for their last song is not appropriate for their age, and the clothes are not appropriate either. And it's true they shouldn't be focusing in only one member, if they wanted to show her that much, they should've debuted her as a solo artist.

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    I'm guessing that you have asked this already.

    They're in the group because uhhh because they can and earned it.

    What's with all your rants?


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    Someone's jealous, you don't even live in Korea. Get over it.

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