how do i respond to a request for phone interview? please help?

i got an email about a phone interview for a job i applied for. i told them when i was available and got this email in response, how should i respond/ do i need to respond?

Hi (my name),

I will plan to call you for a phone interview on Monday, March *th between 4:00 and 4:30 p.m. I have attached the job description for your reference. I look forward to speaking with you soon about job opportunities at our company.

Best regards,

director's name

Assistant Director

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, it is professional and polite to respond.

    Dear XXX

    Thank you for your email and the opportunity to interview with your company. I look forward to speaking to you on Monday between 4 -and 4.30. Please let me know if you require any information before that.

    Kind regards

    Your name

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    Good Luck

  • 9 years ago

    Hi <Director's Name>,

    Thank you for your response. I look forward to speaking with you about the <such and such> position.


    <your name>

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    9 years ago

    "I look forward to your call."

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