Now that Obama is set to win again by same margin, what are repubs doing wrong?

The pattern of 2008 is again starting to repeat. Obama has consistently taken the lead in presidential polls and the though the lead is small, it is steady. This is exactly how 2008 polling started. By November Obama lead to again reach the same levels that it reached over Mccain.

the repubs are wasting their time by going over useless things like Obama apologized to afghans for koran burning. That is a non-issue to over 90% of people
Update 2: proof is the links.

show me one single link where obama is behind in presidential polls? like in 2008, Obama haters again saying, "we don't believe in polls"

its the same thing being re-lived all over again
Update 3: jeeze, i posted polling report links and again they are asking for proof. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
Update 4: GOP needs to urgently change their strategy and revamp their campaigning. Otherwise its exactly same result. I am not happy with Obama myself but disapointingly I must say he will win election if repubs refuse to acknowledge their mistake
Update 5: in DC obama rating has swelled to 98%
Update 6: among blacks obama rating is now 96%. GOP should and must make effort to persuade blacks about how Obama is not good. Otherwise repubs will lose
Update 7: i went to the post office and the man at front desk of post office had Obama sticker on his pocket. This is why Obama to win
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