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Why didnt the leader of English defence league fight back when this muslim man slapped him?

I was watching this video and couldnt believe my eyes. This Muslims man in a long robe with his beard swaying in the cool Luton breeze slaps the leader of this so called EDL movement the main man Tommy Robinson?

I thought Tommy would be a tough guy, hard as nails, piercing blue eyed, Irish born and bred, beer drinking, hardman boxing, Irish boxing and why didnt he hit back at this "weaker" Muslim guy ?

I mean he just sat back in his motor and drove off?

So i guess this Tommy guy is weak?

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    Neither of them are in the right. The EDL and the SDL are fascist, extremist organisations who publicly spew their hate and have a history of provoking violence with and assaulting members of our much valued Islamic communities who are MOSTLY tax paying citizens of this great country. These people probably contribute to all the benefits that these delinquent no-lifers claim every week and how do they react? By telling them to "go back to where they came from" which in most cases IS the Island of Britain. It just goes to show how uneducated these folks are. Does this sound like an educated man to you? He's COKED up to his EYEBALLS and doesn't even know how to speak English properly???

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    The Muslim guy was only wrong for steeping to their level. But he DESERVED the slap. I only wish he'd have at least made it worth it and done it 10 times harder.

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