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Clicker Training Help With Budgie?!?

Hi, I am ready to start clicker training my budgie. I bought a clicker, and I read that I should do target training. but my budgie will not touch the target. Help! Also, WHAT are some good starter tricks for my budgie


PS He and I have already bonded.

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    Hi Molly, I am recently training my African Grey with this method. My senegal would refuse to touch the target as well. Just keep proceeding with the target stick. Eventually, he will get very curios and touch it. Sometimes, you could try when he is sitting in his cage. It may not work at first, so that's why you must try, and try again. Make sure that the very instant the stick is touched, click. This is the best way for the bird to learn what they are doing is causing this. And, after the click, give the bird a treat and praise him. This will show the 'click' is good, proving the touch of the stick is good too. Also, don't over do the training. A good fifteen minutes in the morning and another later in the day would be a good daily dose of training. And since you two are already bonded, that makes things 100x as easier. All that takes is time and patience. Birds are always curious about there surroundings. They use their beak to fend for themselves, eat, and just plain touch things. Soon enough, his curiosity will spike, and he will touch the stick as did my senegal.

    I hope this helped! :D

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    prefer to renowned what I do. I clip their flight feathers at PetCo. Then I take them in my empty small room. Then I play with them for hours, i like training them this way. terrific way is to flow on line and purchase one dude.

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