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A Star Trek question?

the following is a list of positions manned by Starfleet officers on starships

1. Captain

2. First Officer

3. Science officer

4. Chief Medical officer

5. Helmsman

6. Head of engineering

Can you please tell me the names of other military positions that I have missed.

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    I'll start from the top. Note that some positions have been created/changed/eliminated from series to series, and there were some characters who combined positions (Spock was First Officer and Chief Science Officer, for example; most tactical officers were also chiefs of security). There are of course hundreds of other positions on the ship, including some specialists of their respective departments (transporter chief, bartender, guy who takes care of the ship's dolphins), and some that were ad hoc or unofficial (Strategic Operations Officer, Morale Officer) but the positions below are/were considered members of the senior staff over the different series.


    First Officer (aka Executive Officer)

    Tactical Officer (Worf in Season 1, Tuvok, Reed)

    Communications Officer (Uhura, Sato)

    Chief of Security (Yar, Worf, Tuvok)

    Chief of Operations (Data, Kim)

    Chief Science Officer (Spock, Dax)

    Chief Medical Officer

    Chief Engineer

    Conn/Helmsman (Geordi in Season 1, Wesley Crusher, Ro, Paris, Mayweather)

    Navigator (Chekov in TOS)

    Counselor (Troi)

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