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A Star Trek question?

the following is a list of positions manned by Starfleet officers on starships

1. Captain

2. First Officer

3. Science officer

4. Chief Medical officer

5. Helmsman

6. Head of engineering

Can you please tell me the names of other military positions that I have missed.

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    I'll start from the top. Note that some positions have been created/changed/eliminated from series to series, and there were some characters who combined positions (Spock was First Officer and Chief Science Officer, for example; most tactical officers were also chiefs of security). There are of course hundreds of other positions on the ship, including some specialists of their respective departments (transporter chief, bartender, guy who takes care of the ship's dolphins), and some that were ad hoc or unofficial (Strategic Operations Officer, Morale Officer) but the positions below are/were considered members of the senior staff over the different series.


    First Officer (aka Executive Officer)

    Tactical Officer (Worf in Season 1, Tuvok, Reed)

    Communications Officer (Uhura, Sato)

    Chief of Security (Yar, Worf, Tuvok)

    Chief of Operations (Data, Kim)

    Chief Science Officer (Spock, Dax)

    Chief Medical Officer

    Chief Engineer

    Conn/Helmsman (Geordi in Season 1, Wesley Crusher, Ro, Paris, Mayweather)

    Navigator (Chekov in TOS)

    Counselor (Troi)

    P.S. Joseph is mixing up "rank" with "position."

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    Chief Tactical Officer

    Security Chief

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    Chief of security, ensign, admiral,

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    Recruit: Introductory rank for enlistees in Starfleet. Below everyone.

    Fleet Role: A position in the rank structure for those that know nothing as of yet.

    Technician: Trained personnel, Lowest enlisted rank.

    Fleet Role: Ending the period of "formal" training and starting the "on the job" training.

    Technician, First Class: Personnel considered to be experienced in service. The second lowest enlisted rank.

    Fleet Role: Promotion and pay grade after the first year of service.

    Technician, Expert:An experienced enlisted personnel. Fleet Role: Senior enlisted personnel. Indicates a Technician of experience and/or above normal competence in their field.

    Petty Officer, Third Class: Enlisted personnel with a minimum of one tour. This the lowest non commissioned officer rank. Fleet Role: Senior enlisted personnel.

    Petty Officer, Second Class: Enlisted personnel with a minimum of one tour and a year in grade as a Petty Officer Third Class.

    Fleet Role: Experienced Non commissioned officers. Second class Petty officers fill many staff positions.

    Petty Officer, First Class: Enlisted personnel with a minimum of two tours of duty.

    Fleet Role: Experienced experts in their field. .

    Chief Petty Officer: Enlisted personnel with a minimum of three tours of duty. Top enlisted rank.

    Fleet Role: Leaders of non commissioned officers.

    Junior officers, the bulk of the corp.

    Line officers, upon whom the majority of command decisions rest.

    Flag officers who set and often enforce policy within the Fleet.

    Cadet: Officer Trainee. Ranks over all Technicians, but under Petty officers unless serving as active duty officers. Fleet Role: Position for officer trainees.

    Ensign: Lowest ranking full commissioned officer position. Out ranks all enlisted personnel, is outranked by everyone else.

    Fleet Role: A place for an officer's on the job training to begin.

    Lieutenant, Junior Grade: An admission that you have what it takes to cut it.

    Fleet Role: Rank and pay grade for officers with a minimum of two years duty.

    Lieutenant: Highest ranked non "line" officer.

    Fleet Role: Rank and pay grade for Lieutenants with at least two years in grade as a Lieutenant jg. It is most often awarded at the end of a tour of duty.

    Lieutenant Commander: First of the "line" ranks. Officers trained in command.

    Fleet Role: Lieutenant Commander is considered the minimum rank to command any ship over 10,000 tons to 30,000. Commander: Senior officer trained in command.

    Fleet Role: This rank is never awarded automatically. "Commander" is the required rank to command ships over 30,000 tons, or support vessels of greater tonnage, and is usually the rank of first officers of ships over 50,000 tons. It is also the primary staff rank for the aide-de-camp of Admirals.

    Captain: This rank is considered the pinnacle for most officers in conjunction with command of a ship.

    Fleet Role: Primary ship command for vessels over 50,000 tons.

    Fleet Captain: Merit badge for long or luminous service. A Fleet Captain will outrank any Captain, but not a Commodore. Fleet Role: Reward for long or meritorious service.

    Commodore: Brevet rank for Captains commanding other Captains.Fleet Role: Making clear the chain of command in a fleet situation.

    Rear Admiral: Bottom rung of the "flag ranks".Fleet Role: command of large stations or starbases and small standing fleets.

    Vice Admiral: Fleet Role: Command of major bases, sub-sector command, senior staff positions at Starfleet command.

    Admiral: Fleet Role: Command of major sectors, Department heads at Starfleet command.

    Fleet Admiral: Highest normal military rank in Starfleet. Fleet Role: Head of Starfleet divisions.

    Admiral of Starfleet: Only seen during prolonged crisis. Fleet Role: Immediate decisions as required during prolonged war.

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