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Do TSOs qualify to have authority to arrest or even to be called "Officer?"?

Each soldier who calls Ft. Campbell home has gone through some of the most intensive training on the planet which pushed their minds and bodies to their physical limits. In the end, those who make the cut have earned the right to be part of our United States military, are honored to wear its uniform, and are serving on the frontlines in the fight against global terrorism.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for our nation’s Transportation Security Officers (TSO’s) who Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano contends are our nation’s last line of defense in fighting domestic terrorism. Unlike “hell week” which faces potential Navy SEALs, becoming a TSO requires a basic level of classroom and on the job training. In many cases this rigorous training is less severe than the requirements of becoming a security guard in most states.

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  • KT
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    8 years ago
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    TSOs have no official arrest authority granted by their employer. They are not "sworn" officers, but are officers by title. However they can always make a citizens arrest like anyone else, but its unlikely since there are always sworn police officers at airports that can handle the arrest if needed. Yes they can be called officers. Their job title is transportation security officer, so that is their title. Also screening luggage is a totally different job then being actively involved in combat operations. The two can't be compared. Make no mistake that both jobs are doing their part in fighting terrorism and keeping the country safe. They are just doing it in different ways. Also being a TSO is much harder then you think. The selection process is lon and their are several tests and interviews. Also they are randomly tested on the job to see if they can catch unauthorized items in luggage. So I would say their training is more sever then becoming a security guard in most states.

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  • 8 years ago

    From website critical of USDHS waste:

    "Transportation Security Officers, or “TSOs”, are Emergency Personnel of the United States Federal Government and operate in a “Mission Critical” capacity for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. They are uniformed federal officers with no arrest powers, and do not carry firearms, OC spray or batons. TSOs are given the power of search and seizure due to language within the 4th Amendment. By purchasing an airline ticket, the person whose name appears on the ticket is consenting to the possibility of random searches of his person and items."

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  • manger
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    4 years ago

    confident if an unlawful is arrested then it relatively is the activity of regulation enforcement to earnings out each individual arrested. once you're arrested you're no longer afforded any particular rights or the event that they can't even run a background examine on illegals how can we ever capture needed criminals at the same time as many elect advise the police shouldn't run any background exams or perhaps ask in the event that they're needed for the different crimes else the place .this would instill concern in the community.Illegals would be afraid to document crimes and once you have illegals employing pretend archives or stolen archives, it has to attain a factor the place the two we enforce the regulations or we don't. Any unlawful arrested does not deserve any particular attention.

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  • ?
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Arrest, no. The term "officer" is not earned and can be used or not.

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