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Agree or disagree, Pacquiao is an all time great with or without Mayweather?

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    Manny Pacquiao story alone will be remembered. Coming up through a civil war, being knocked out by one guy and taking a dive in another fight to protect his family from rebels, a dirt poor skinny 110 lb kid coming to America and hooking up with Freddie Roach (another legendary story) to become the best fighter in the world, battles a gambling problem while handing out money to the poor and becoming Congressman of the Philippines. That alone makes his story Legendary.

    As far as his record, Yes he will defiantly be considered among the greats, Look at the resume Erik Morales, Marco Barrera, Juan Marquez, Oscar DeLaHoya, Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto, the huge Margarito, Shane Mosley and thats just some legends and big names, a couple well past there prime

    but thats boxing all the legends have a few pensioners on their resume, but if you look at the quality of his prime opponents, all top 10ers and B class fighters, Hector Velazquez, Oscar Larios, Jorge Solis, Diaz, Clottey maybe the last two are B - fighters but whatever, still pretty impressive record for a a guy who started his career at 106 lbs to beat up top contenders at 140 to 147.

    The people that will argue about a few has been and damaged good fighters on the record haven't been following boxing long enough. All the greats! Everyone of the them have only a couple, prime, A class fighters on their resume, the rest are record builders and fading legends with a few top contenders thrown in, so in comparison to the other greats Pacquaio with or without Mayweather can be discussed in the company of Henry Armstrong, Ray Robinson, Leonard, Ali ext.

    You can also look at the entertainment value and excitement of Pacquiao fights, everyone of his fights are action packed and I think in the long run that is where he will out shine Mayweather, Mayweather is great, but most of his fights have been some what slow, I think he will be remembered for cherry picking and jumping around people to grab up titles, he will certainly be remembered as the guy who stopped Pacquiao vs Mayweather from happening.

    If Pacquaio were to get and defeat Mayweather it may put him unquestionable in the top 3 all time. At this point though I see a fading Pacquiao, My interest in a Mayweather fight is past, I wanted to see prime vs prime and that looks like it is out the window, Pacquaio is already talking retirement, says he doesn't want to hurt people anymore..when you hear a fighter saying things like that you can bet he see's the curtain closing as well. Khan has said Manny should have retired 2 years ago, that in the gym he has been cramping up, getting hit more and slowing down. And no this is not a tactic to lure Mayweather into a fight (sorry to disappoint the Pacquaio die hards) Manny is on his way out, while he has been in battle after battle Mayweather has chosen to fight once a year, preserving himself. If I were to bet my house at this stage I would put in on Mayweather, he did it again.

    Mayweather needs Pacquiao more then Pacquiao needs Mayweathe

    With Martin I disagree completly, I think his two knock out losses back at 110, when he was malnurished, means that he came from that to be what he is today, name another fighter that has done that? I think the fact he was knocked out twice as a kid and came back to show an iron chin and will, become what he is today makes him even more great because a good, or ordinary fighter wouldnt have been able too, its takes greatness to overcome a career start like that.

    As for his losses to Marquez Im sick of that garbage, Pacquiao won all 3 fights, look at the punch stats, in the first fight Marquez outlanded him by only 10 punches, while pacquiao out threw him by 92 while coming forward the whole fight and knocking Maruez down 3 times, the judge admited to making an error which is why is was a draw, The second fight Marquez outlanded him by 15 punches while Pacquiao outhrew him by 109, again while coming forward and landing the more burtal looking shots, although Marquez is credited with landinga few more power shots, the difference in the power behind them isnt even close. Now in the 3rd fight Pacquiao not only out threw him by 142 he outlnaded him as well by 38 punches, he also threw more and landed more power shots, and again Marquez fought most the fight backing up, LISTEN this is not amateur boxing, you dont win points by out landing a guy, and if your going to back up the whole fight then you better make it clear that you won the round or it will always go to the aggresor! How long have you people been watching boxing? You should know this, every boxer knows going in, if he is going to run he better make it clear he won the round or its going to the guy coming forward and throwing punches.

  • Hell yeah if Pacquiao and Mayweather retired today Mayweather will be like a footnote compared to pacquiaos accomplishments

    Pacquiao <--- 8 div champ record holder 4 lineal world record holder fighter of the decade

    Mayweather <--- 5 div puny champ and the boxer that avoided Pacquiao THE END


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    I like Pacquiao more than Mayweather but I dont think Pacquiao is an all time great...But for sure Pacquiao is ahead of Mayweather in most categories except for ducking real live opponents...LMAO

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    First off Dewey is an idiot typical Floyd fan...back your statement up with prove before you get like the Mayweather with acquisations about a great fighter like Manny..... Now to the question the answer is yes and no Yes: The sport will lose alot of nuetral fans if the fight does not happen because to alot of these are the only two boxers they know and would pay to watch... No: Boxing will go on like it always has done other fights will come along but will be no where as near as big as this for years to come!

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    Totally true. Just by the statement of Floyd that he will never agree to a 50/50 split to anyone, no matter how good that someone is, shows his determination to keep his undefeated record and will not risk it against Pacquiao. No need for Manny to insist on proving Mayweather a fraud. PBF already acknowledged it himself.

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    Totally agree

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    Most definitely. If they never fight, Pacquiao will still be known as one of the best ever.

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    disagree, or it depends on how long your 'all time great" list is. if it's even 20, hell no! manny has brutal knockout losses to torrecampo, singsurat, was whipped by morales and maybe 3 unofficial losses to juan manuel marquez, and a slew of catchweight fights over exposed, weight drained competition.

  • Muhammad Ali

    or that 20 year old knock out kid that went 37-0 once upon a time ;)

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    I simply cannot beat RuddiGer's answer,absolutely brilliant answer that is handsdown the best answer in my humble opinion.

    I salute you RuddiGer!

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