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why white people not watch movies unless the actors are mostly whites?

like they need their own race people to be starred in movie/films role of non whites.

like prince of persia where he's a iranian but in movie.He's white so as mostly of other characters

so do other movies like the last air bender dragon ball z the fast and furious tokyo drift. The last samurai

all of these movie characters were supposed to be non white because on anime cartoon video. Games they were not white but in movies they were made for. White people i guess if not white people not watch movies.

why white people

why they need their own race people to be starred in movies

otherwise they won't watch it hollywood movies.

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    Not true for a lot of us ,most of the Great actors out there that I love to watch are black and anyway it has nothing to do with race or colour my friend it has to do with if the guy can ACT and how good he is in the role and what charisma he exudes

    Actors I love and think are awesome all black Will Smith, Samuel L Jackson,Forest Whitaker,

    Morgan Freeman,Don Cheadle, Cuba Cooding Jr,Laurence Fishburn, Mario Van Peebles,

    Denzel Washington all black men and very amazing actors it has nothing to do with colour now do you want my white list lol

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    Majority of people in Hollywood are white people obviously.I think the reason they choose white actor because it's hard to find iranian actor or another race in hollywood.There is iranian actors iranian movie industry but they need to speak very fluent English to make Americans understand their english.

    Maybe you only looking movies with white actors.I dont care what's the people race in the film as long it's a good movie but im not white though.

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    It would be quite difficult to get an Iranian with an American accent, who can move like in the video game etc.

    Also Dragonball Evolution have white characters because the anime never mentions race, and Master roshi was played by a Chinese man so he wasn't White.

    The plot of the last samurais story explains why there are a lot of americans

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    Bullshit. I'm white and will watch a movie despite races. I don't care if the main characters are white, black, arabic, asian, mexican.. I don't care as long as the movie is good

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    LOL ur a racist idiot who stereotypes people im white IDGAF what the cast look like as long as its a good movie

  • I'm white and my favorite actor ever is Denzel Washington, go figure!;)

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    Because we don't wanna be plagued with bad spelling/grammar like you seem to love! lol (JK, sorry bad joke) Couldn't resist.

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    8 years ago

    just like you black folks only you ae worse you think blacks are better than white

    if there are no blacks in a movie racist all over the place you bolacks yell we manority we sue

    whites we can act better than blacks noi matter what you blacks think say

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    8 years ago

    LoL at the fact that you took the time to ask this question

  • 8 years ago

    Shush... shhhuuuush... shush your mouth. You sound stupid. You're making yourself sound stupid right now.

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