Oil and Gas question?

1) What is standard condition in oilfield units and SI units?

2) Why is the dissolved gas liberated at the surface?

3) A high shrinkage oil is better than low shrinkage? Explain,

4) Explain oil, gas and water saturations

5) Show that the expression gives STB finally

6) Explain what reserves is.

7) write down the expression for RF for the gas.

8) similarly, write it for oil.

9) From the calculation of oil recovery or gas recovery, pick one property and discuss why and how it influences the estimation.

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    1) I assume you are referring to the "standard condition" for measuring oil volumes. This is an atmospheric pressure of 14.696 psi and temperature of 60f (16c).

    2) Dissolved gas is mostly held in suspension at reservoir temperatures and pressures by higher pressure. When the pressure is reduced the gas is released. This is much like a carbonated beverage that bubbles when it is opened.

    3) A high shrinkage oil has properties of higher API gravity (usually 30-50) and significant dissolved gas and a darkish color. It is favorable because it has shorted hydrocarbon chains making refining easier.

    4) All crude oil is a mixture of fluids and contains varying amounts of oil, gas and water. The sum of the saturations of oil, gas and water will equal 1.0 for the crude oil produced or in place in the reservoir.

    5) There is not any simple expression or equation for computing the Stock Tank Barrels as it is affected by the response of each of the fluids and gases in the admixture and all vary with composition - mostly the liquid crude. When you convert from reservoir conditions of Temp and Press, you really have to know the exact composition of the fluids.

    6) Reserves are the producible portion of the oil in place (or total oil) in a reservoir. Reserves are a function of the recovery factor, and this is based on the production method(s) being used to develop a field. New technology and increased investment may increase the recovery factor. Additionally reserves are further divided into 3 classes - Proven (90% certain), Probably and Possible. These are used for future planning in the development of a field.

    7 and 8) I do not understand this question - need more detail and expand RF to full terms. (Did you mean Recovery Factor ??? again this is much more complicated than a simple one line equation I might give.)

    9) When producing an oil reservoir, the viscosity of the oil is a significant factor in how easily it can be produced. Low viscosity oils flow through the reservoir more easily and can be extracted from a larger area to the well than more viscous crude oils. This property can be measured from the initial discovery well to base an estimate of the Proven Reserves. Even if you are precise in the Viscosity of the oil, the reserves may be impacted by unexpected variations in the reservoir permeability that were not known when the initial production started. These permeability barriers may only become obvious after producing for a few years and may require additional wells to be drilled to access the bypassed oil.

    Source(s): STB and standard condition - http://oilgasglossary.com/stb.html high shrinkage oil (Google book) here - http://books.google.com/books?id=6CQKozxTKG4C&pg=P... Reserves discussion here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_reserves and here http://www.bp.com/sectiongenericarticle800.do?cate... Other answers are just my life experience working in the Oil Exploration business.
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