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Can you get an immunity from infection?

I have like 100+ scars from some pretty deep cuts and gashes and have never had to go to the hospital for infection. I never kept these wounds clean at all and was normally pretty dirty as a kid. Is it possible to be immune to infection

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    Your immune system was good enough to take care of your wounds without it going into an infection. The human body is amazing. You're not immune to infection, it's just that your body fought off the bacteria before it was able to establish an infection.

    Well, obviously Samuel is wrong about getting an infection if you don't keep your wound clean! Not everyone will get an infection if their wound isn't clean! Of course your chances of getting an infection are higher if you don't.

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    While the body will build immunity towards germs, bacteria and other invaders while you are young, you will not have complete immunity towards an INFECTION. If you don't keep a wound clean, you will get an infection. Use precautions to avoid an infection. If you have an infection, you may want to see a Doctor. An untreated infection can lead to more serious complications,even amputation.

    So, NO you can not be completely Immune from infection, unless of course you are a Fruit Bat.

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    Is that like vaccination . sounds like a synthetic application of a risky disease makes the body produce anti bodies to wrestle the disease and create immunity . as hostile to an infection administration which is composed of hygiene and disinfecting measures , cleansing and sterilising as an social gathering . yet seems a number of study and books on the problem . bypass to Google and enter synthetic an infection immunity ,, see what different internet sites say

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