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how come ever since I installed norton antivirus my computer is super slow?

it was totally fine with the trial version of macafee, then I uninstalled the macafee and installed the norton I paid for, now it's lagging

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you have a version of Norton that includes a firewall I suggest turning off windows firewall and using Nortion's. Norton, like all security products will activate all it's options at their maximum protection levels which intended to protect novice users. If you have some experience and a basic understanding you can turn off or down some of the options and see a difference. In some versions of Norton there are system performance monitors that will show you exactly which module and how much processor time it is using. In my opinion, it's Symantec's best effort since they bought out Peter Norton. Google him some time if you aren't familiar with him. He was the man in in the early days.

    I have Norton 360 which includes all their options. I selected to not use some of these, like email filtering and anti-phishing. I'm not suggesting this to you, it's just an example. Tuning their firewall to "trust" sites you frequently visit makes quite a difference.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    That is why you should do a little online investigating before you purchase a program.

    It's a good thing you got rid of crapafee though, that program is worthless.

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