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What is the difference in glock models?

I am looking for a good handgun for protection on the street and at home, I have always heard good things about a 9mm glock handgun, but i have been doing some research and have found that there are different models of the 9mm glock handgun, such as the glock 17, 18, and 19. I was wondering what the differenece would be in the models, and about what the pricing for each would be. Thank you for all the help, I really appreciate it.

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  • 8 years ago
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    G17 = Standard size 9mm

    G17C = Standard size 9mm with integral compensator

    G17L = Long-slide version of G17 (9mm)

    G17MB = G17 with ambidextrous magazine catch (9mm)

    G18 = Select-fire ("machine gun") version of G17. Rare, regulations for fully automatic weapons apply.

    G19 = Compact version of G17 (9mm). Slightly shorter grip and slide.

    G20 = Standard size 10mm (slightly larger in all dimensions than G17). My baby.

    G21 = Standard size .45 ACP (same size as G20).

    G22 = Standard size .40 S&W. Nearly the same size as G17.

    G23 = Compact version of G22, similar to G19 but chambered in .40 S&W.

    G24 = "Competition" version of G22. Similar to G17L but chambered in .40 S&W.

    G25 = Compact size .380 ACP. Similar to G19, but blowback operation.

    G26 = Subcompact (concealed carry) version of G17 (9mm). Almost the entire gun redesigned.

    G27 = Subcompact (concealed carry) version of G22 (.40 S&W).

    G28 = Subcompact (concealed carry) version of G25 (.380 ACP, blowback operation).

    G29 = Subcompact (concealed carry) version of G20 (10mm). Surprisingly easy to shoot, but still a handful.

    G30 = Subcompact (concealed carry) version of G21 (.45 ACP). Small but handy .45.

    G31 = Standard size .357 Sig, similar to G22.

    G32 = Compact size .357 Sig, similar to G23.

    G33 = Subcompact (concealed carry) version of G31 (.357 Sig), similar to G27.

    G34 = New model "competition" 9mm. Standard size, long slide, slightly shorter than G17L which it replaces.

    G35 = New model long-slide .40 S&W, similar to G34.

    G36 = "Slimline" version of subcompact (concealed carry) G30 (.45 ACP). Single stack magazine.

    G37 = Standard size .45 GAP (.45 ACP ballistics in a shorter case), similar to G17.

    G38 = Compact size .45 GAP, similar to G19.

    G39 = Subcompact (concealed carry) .45 GAP, similar to G26.

    Like the G17C, anything that ends in "C" has an integral compensator. G18C, G19C, G20C, G21C, G22C, G23C, G24C, G31C, G32C.

    There are also "short framed" versions of the biggest Glocks for people with smaller hands. G20SF, G21SF, G29SF, G30SF.

    There are also regional variants for the Phillipines, Australia, Israel, etc.

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  • 4 years ago

    Glutton has a fairly reliable record. The 17L replaced into the unique 6" barreled longslide 17 24 replaced into the 17L in .40 S&W 25 replaced right into a .380 ACP G19 28 replaced into .380 G26 i don't think both of the 380s were allowed to be imported into the u . s . a . 31, 33 are 22, 27 in .357 SIG 37, 38, 39 are meant to be an same length because the 22, 23, 27 yet i believe they quite have a quite beefier slide so a very tight holster for the 40's will no in good structure.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Sizes of the pistol

    G17 = Standard

    G 19 = Compact

    I don't believe glock makes the G18 anymore.G18 is very close to the G17 in dimensions. Pricing I couldn't help you with. A few years ago they was between 300 to 500 depending where you live and the condition it was in.

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