Where can I Find a Trainer with a Ditto in Pokemon Platinum?

I think Ditto's the hardest Pokemon to see. I just need to see it, I don't have to catch it. I just want to complete my Pokedex for the National Dex. I know it can be found in the Trophy Garden, but I can't do that yet, because I don't have the National Dex. So, the only other option (alliteration for the win!) is to find a Trainer with one. Does anyone know where that specific Trainer is?

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  • 9 years ago
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    But ditto isn't needed to get the national dex... this is a link to the pokemon that are needed to get it and ditto isn't on it... I think you may have gotten the number mixed up... anyways check out the list it should help since it'll tell you where the pokemon you need to get the dex for are and how to see them / catch them.


    Source(s): serebii.net
  • 9 years ago

    not unless you buy action replay and find the code

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