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any good anime with romance/action and soft porn.?

I have been wanting to watch a good soft porn Japanese Anime. Similar like the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" -with Rooney Mara, or "Eyes Wide Shut"-Nicole Kidman, "Titanic"-Kate Winslet .. but in Anime version of romance or action.. I am new in anime so anything helps.

No Senseless hard core stuff!!! I prefer real-life porn for that. lol


I just want to see partial nudity like they did in Zack Snyders "300"

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    love hina


    baka to boin

    mmm hope these will help

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    Source(s): Watch Hot Girl Alone :
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    Romantic Anime Porn

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    I Have to say it's a little creepy that you request (soft porn) BUT, i guess i crossed 2 series that may fit this.

    1. Is girls bravo it is so funny, it's one of the less popular series than other because it's story line is kinda random... it's funner than most shows you see but most is sexual humor, you'll like it.

    *2.Sekirei there are 2 seasons and THIS is the one of my absolute favorite Series, it does have some nudity... its hella funny! has all kinds of humor in it sexual and not only sexual. the story lines also great. I give it a 5/5 and that's not for the nudity. the huge boobies kinda takes away from the show but at the same time adds a lot of humor to the show.

    it's all avalible in English dub. :) enjoy

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