What happens if the United States loses a court case?

I'm doing a government project on Katz v. United States and the US lost. What happens if the US loses a Supreme Court case? Do they have to pay, or is it all thrown under the rug?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Usually means the US has to stop doing whatever it was they were doing, a US law gets voided or the petitioner gets relief from punishment.

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    9 years ago

    It depends on the type of case. The judge, or in some cases the jury, determines what the government has to do. They may be forced to stop doing something, or provide compensation.

    In Katz vs. United States, the plaintiff was convicted of a crime, and he began the court case because he believed the evidence upon which he was convicted was obtained unconstitutionally. When the Supreme Court found in his favor, that meant that his conviction was overturned as the trial had involved illegally obtained evidence, and the government could not start another trial because of the "double jeopardy" rule---you can't be tried for the same offense twice.

  • 4 years ago

    No. there are diverse tiers of Courts, each and each with their very own function. The appropriate courtroom is a courtroom of Appeals. which capacity they do no longer hear criminal or civil circumstances right this moment. those circumstances are desperate by utilising Courts at decrease tiers. as quickly as judgements are made at those decrease tiers everybody is unfastened to allure the selections to a greater physically powerful courtroom yet provided that they have got a element of regulation to allure on. by utilising that I advise, basically on account which you do no longer basically like the alternative does not advise you may allure. in case you're convicted of an offence yet sense the decide or Jury made an errors in regulation, or your rights have been violated or another element for allure then you definately would allure to a greater physically powerful point. That greater point courtroom isn't obligated to settle on your case and hear the allure yet while they elect they'd hear the allure. of path, in case you're nonetheless no longer satisfied and sense you have grounds for allure you may elect to allure greater nonetheless. That technique would artwork its way as much as the appropriate courtroom besides the shown fact that each and each courtroom alongside the way is unfastened to disclaim your allure and the issue stops there. each and according to annum thousands of appeals are released and directed to the appropriate courtroom besides the shown fact that basically a hand finished are stumbled directly to be with benefit and worth of the Courts time to be heard. contained close to a site visitors remember, you may no longer pass the 4-5 tiers of Courts earlier asking the appropriate courtroom to hearken to the issue.

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