acura dvd player disk reading error?

I have an 05 Acura TL with gps. My DVD player for the gps is in my trunk on the right side. I got a minor hit that dent my car and possibly damaged the dvd player. Its not physically damaged but since the accident my screen gives me a "disk reading error....please consult your dealer" screen... Or sometimes it gives me the disclaimer screen but the OK button never shows and the screen eventually turns off (goes black). My insurance company (statefarm) is coming to give me an estimate on the damage of my car. Is it possible that the hit damaged the dvd players ability to read the disk? just wondering cuz if it did I can have them pay to fix it. I talked to a Alpine..they said it could have messed up the aligment of something in there. and Acura dealer also said its a possibility. but this error messege also happens to other cars.. (normal wear and tear). IDK ! anyone know if I can claim this?!

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    Try removing the disc and see if there is anything on it. Try cleaning it and reinstall the disc see what happens. Also look at the disc for scratches. This year TL had issues with the DVD player leaving scratches around the outer edge of the disc. If this is the case, then the disc and the DVD player need to be replaced.

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