Simple question. Do you agree with the new MLB Playoff format? Yes or no & why?

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Major League Baseball is very close to expanding its playoff format from eight teams to 10 for the upcoming season, according to’s Jon Heyman.

If and when Major League Baseball and the players’ association come to an agreement, a second Wild Card team would be added in both the American League and the National League. Commissioner Bud Selig had set a March 1 deadline for the expansion to go into effect, and Heyman reports that an official announcement could be made by Thursday.

Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal similarly reported that the expansion was near completion. According to Rosenthal, the latest collective-bargaining agreement cemented that two additional Wild Card teams would be added no later than 2013, but Selig insisted that the new format should go into effect this season.

It is not yet determined how a new format would affect the start times of games in the final days of the regular season.

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  • mm117
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    8 years ago
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    Yes, I do. For two main reasons....

    1. The most important reason; incentive. Making the Wild Card teams play a one game playoff gives incentive to win the league. You know more than anyone, Scooter, having seen what is happening in the AL East. No one cares who wins 1st or 2nd. Division or WC? Whatever. That's the current attitude. There is nothing okay about that. Winners of the division should be given a distinct advantage over WC winners. If you don't want to play one game and go home, then win the division. Simple as that.

    2. Whats so wrong about having two more teams? It makes the season more interesting for baseball fans all around. It wont really make the playoffs much different because of the one game playoff rule. (the season will not be more than a few days longer. All this nonsense about it going into December just wont happen. It will take one extra day to get these two games in, and then playoffs start normally). I really don't see the problem. People say that mediocre teams will be added to the playoffs, but when you think about it, the second wild card team would only be a couple wins behind the first. The last few years, the "mediocre" team has won the World Series anyways.

    Good for baseball. That's my take.

  • 8 years ago

    I like the idea of a one game playoff between the two wild card teams. The way I look at it, it gives the teams more of an incentive to try to win the division and not risk a one game elimination instead of settling for the wild card.

    I do think they should have it so both wild card teams cannot come from the same division.

  • 8 years ago

    they are going to do this upcoming season

    all it means is that there will be two more wild card teams which would face the other "old style" wild card teams in a one game playoff format then after that the playoffs would conduct as any other playoffs post 1995. You have to agree with it because it gives teams more of incentive to compete in the regular season. Face it if your a team like the rays, red sox, braves, marlins these teams can now see some playoff action

  • 8 years ago

    Look at 2002. Athletics win the West with 102 wins. Angels are the wild card with 99 wins. Red Sox win 92. Pedro skips his last start and goes to the DR early once the Red Sox are eliminated. If the new rule had been in effect, the Red Sox would have still been in it. Suppose they had beaten the Angels in a one game playin. Obviously the Angels would not have won their one world series and the loss would have added to the long litany of key Angel losses to the Red Sox. And it would have been unfair for a 92-70 team to be the wild card while a 99-63 team goes home. Further instead of Yankees -- Angels in the first round, it would have been Yankees --Twins and Red Sox--As, producing the same participants as 2003, possibly with what might have been the first of 3 Red Sox--Yankee ALCS series

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  • 8 years ago

    One more game won't drag out the playoffs, and the reformatting will give the division winners a advantage over the Wild Cards.

    The only thing that I dislike about it is that there will be a great likelihood of **THREE** AL East teams in the playoffs, which inspires yawns from me.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well, I don't disagree with it.

    I like that the two new teams aren't actually being added to the playoff tournament. That would've messed up the playoffs a lot. I think a one game playoff would be very exciting, and it gives good teams that are stuck in good divisions a second chance at the playoffs.

  • 8 years ago

    Forget it. It was fine as it was. Too many teams dilute the playoffs, not to mention makes them longer. There will no longer be a "Mr. October" like Reggie Jackson... they'll have to have a "Mr. December"! LOL... joking, but only partly. What would they do if it were a Detroit/Cubbies World Series? Or a Boston/Mets Series? Played that late in the year, it could lead to attendence problems. What's wrong with ending the season in October? I just don't get it. That doesn't even include the argument against the teams that "luck" into the playoffs and end up winning it all...

  • 8 years ago

    Yes. In my opinion, it adds hope to two to more teams, while basically 'getting rid of' the Wild Card. Of course, it will take a few years to see what actually happens, but I would think that both Wild Card teams are now at a severe disadvantage.

  • 8 years ago

    Don't like it.

    I can see what MLB is trying to do, the illusion is that small market or losing teams have more opportunity to make the playoffs, basically MLB is trying to give every city a thrill ride, it will inflate revenue throughout the sport, but ultimately the majority of wild card 2s will go to the very teams that usually tend to have success anyway. Reminds me of politics.

  • GTAP!!
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    8 years ago

    Si Si! I like more teams in the playoffs. Fun for all and a deserving team can now get into the playoffs. And it makes it mor ecompetitive to win the division.

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