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Hello everyone,

My friend is facing this constipation problem from last 2 years. She doesn't excrete for 2 weeks n then she takes this herbal medicine which helps her to excrete. Can someone please help. What fruits or veg are helpful for constipation or any diet. Please tell me a way to cure it!

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    Two years is a long time. What not to do is laxatives as that may be at the heart of the problem. Laxative use overtime leads to laxative abuse. Using a herbal laxaive is still a laxative that is stimulating the peristaltic contractions. What appears to be happening is that the herbal laxative use has caused her colon to need an external stimulation in order to move the stools.

    She should be adding a fiber supplement and drinking plenty of water. If she fails to have a BM in several days, suggest a warm water enema in lieu of the laxative. The enema will add water to soften the stool and also provide the bulk to help create peristaltic contractions. If she is a good friend you could help her by administering it to her slowly; so as to reduce cramping and helping her take more of the enema.

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    Drink a lemon sour for a quick fix! But as far as constipation goes, eat LOTS of fiber! Fiber rich cereals, kiwis are very good for it as well as dried fruit and raw vegetables. Nuts and seeds help out too! Also, drink lots of fluids! Mostly water but fruit and veggie juices are important too!

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    Prunes, Metamucil.

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    she needs more fiber.

    better yet, tell her to get to a doctor. two years is too long for that to be going on.

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