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Safest way to travel with a dog?

I'd like to get a bit of a poll, what's the safest way, in your opinion, to travel with a dog and why?

Car seat?

Car harness?

Dog Crate?

Blocked in the back half of the car?

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    If the dog crate is strapped in with a kennel restraint or similar, I would think that this is the best way to protect a dog in the vehicle. Of course if you have a small car and a big dog, this is not feasible. The next best thing is a dog car harness. Both my big dogs wear them. There is one crash tested brand that I am aware of in the US and that is Pet Buckle. Bergan and Kurgo Tru-Fit strength test theirs but have not crash tested.

    Pet car seats are good too so long as the car seat is secure and your dog is secure in the car seat. Most pet car seats have tethers which can be clipped onto the back of your dog's harness. Do not clip the tethers onto their collars, though. A vehicle barrier helps to keep your dog from being a distraction to the driver and will help keep them from getting thrown forward in the event of a car accident, but they don't keep your dog from getting tossed around. Imagine if your car fishtails out of control. Your dog will get thrown back and forth and possibly thrown out a window. I would only use a pet car barrier if your dog won't tolerate a crate or harness.

    Any method you use, though, is better than none at all.

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    I don't know about a car seat- how would that work?

    Anyhow, I would buy a crate that you will put on the seat side ways. Then I would attach memory foam pillows to the side of the crate so that when you slam on the breaks, your dog will just press into the memory foam. This only works if you have a small crate. Also, don't forget to attach the crate to the car and lock the seat belt. This is the safest way for the dog and I don't think dog harnesses were ever crash tested at all.

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    Travelling by car? Crate or car seat made especially for dogs with a dog harness to strap them safely in.

    Travelling by plane? Crate.

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    I like the car harness, but you should still keep your dog in the back seat so the air bag doesn't cause harm. It's convenient so you can quickly attach a leash for walks and it's padded for comfort. The dog may not like it, but it's better than him hitting the dashboard face first.

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    except you will locate somebody speedy to computer screen over the mum and the doggies, I advise you cancel your holiday, as unhappy as which would be. it relatively is needed which you help in the transport of those doggies, as all forms of issues can bypass incorrect. i'm going to assume you have journey right here, so I won't bypass into that. yet once you lack journey, please do a sprint examine speedy! the mum should comprehend and strongly have faith the guy helping her with the transport. If she does not, she would additionally chew! And newborns should not be moved from their mom for a at the same time as. in assessment to people, doggies are born in a late fetus degree. Their brains, eyes, listening to, worried equipment, etc. are nonetheless springing up. in assessment to animals that are born and are walking interior minutes, doggies elect greater time. So moving them around at one in all those youthful age could be risky for them and the mum. you elect a secure, shelter, sturdy spot. If this have been 3-4 weeks as quickly as they have been born, i'd say you would be positive to shuttle with them, yet no longer as newborns. consequently, deliver your apologies on your father (whether it relatively is who you want to make certain) yet tell him he's going to be a "grandfather" of types. :-) i'm particular he will understand in case you wait until July to make certain him. Heck, he would desire to even appreciate fidgeting with the doggies then (earlier you start to supply them away, at approximately 7-8 weeks of age). sturdy good fortune!

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