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Bought a used car, do I need to pay previous owner for the road tax disc?

I've just bought a used car from a garage. I am due to pick it up at the weekend, but they have called me to say I need to pay the previous owner £77 for the remaining road tax left on the disc. Is this right? When I test drove the car it had the tax disc in and I assumed it would just come with it?


There is 4 months left on the current disc

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    Have you paid for it already, or at least a deposit? You bought it as seen, and unless they made the point of saying it didn't come with road tax then they are obliged to give it to you in the price. If they don't want to play, then unless it's a bargain, I'd tell them to refund any money you've paid and you'll spend your money somewhere else, because if that's their attitude towards £77 on the price of a car, you aren't prepared to deal with them!

    Knowing which car would help, but if there are 4 months left, then I can't see why it's £77 they're asking for.

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    1: The vehicle is advertised as "Taxed and Tested for... (however long it is)", sold as "Taxed and Tested for... (however long it is)", and that's what you get when you pay for it.

    It must, by law, match it's description. So if it was described as 'taxed and tested', then that's what you paid for.

    (That's not civil law, BTW... that's a criminal offence.)

    2: Any private arrangement the garage have with the previous owner is strictly between them. As a third party you have absolutely no obligation to get involved in it. You are not liable for any payment that somebody else agreed to in a deal you were not involved in.

    3: You should have been informed of any deal of this nature up front.

    If you settled on an agreed price, and they later come back say they want more - the reason doesn't matter - then tough.

    If the price of the vehicle was on display, and the price of this 'extra' payment was not displayed - then they're breaking the law.

    4: This is not normal practice, and is therefore suspicious. It should start alarm bells ringing about the honesty of the garage.

    I would walk away from this deal if I were you. Cancel all payments and/or ask for your money back. It's your legal right to do so.

    There are more serious complaints to the relevant authorities about used-car sales than any other form of transaction in the UK. You don't want to get involved with a dodgy sale.

    It's not so much about the £77. But this vendor is not being honest and you don't know what else they've got in store for you.

    Hope that helps!

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    Most cars bought from garages do not automatically come with road tax. You have to buy it seperately (but the garage can do this for you).

    If they are selling it on behalf of someone, I would expect the road fund tax disc to come with the car. If not, the garage could be trying to pull a fast one.

    Tell them that the previous owner can have the tax disc and you will organise to get a new one, or the most you will pay for it is £50. (assuming there is at least 6mths left on it)

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    Sounds like a complete scam to me.

    Don't pay the dealer/previous owner any money, simply take the new owner part of the V5 with the MOT and insurance certificate to the Post office and buy yourself a new tax disc.

    There's a good chance the previous owner's tax disc is either a fake or has been paid for with a bouncing cheque and the DVLA will be onto you.

    To be honest unless you've already paid for it I'd tell them to get lost and not buy their car. If they're willing to try a stunt like that they're obviously crooks and not to be trusted.

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