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Name of dog in Peter Pan that belonged to the Wendy, John and Michael?


David FYI I did not ask you to answer my question. In fact I would block you forever because one you are rude and two you are clueless as to why all come on this board. I am having fun and you do not have any business spoiling others fun. You go search for your manners please I am sure in 20 yrs you might find them.

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    Ernie and Chip Douglas owned a dog named,Tramp

    Timmy Martin had a dog named,Lassie

    Mr. Magoo had a dog named,Mcbarker

    Stimpy lived with a dog named,Ren

    Dennis Mitchell owned a dog named,Ruff

    Sandy and Bud had a dog named,Flipper and he was a good swimmer...

    Mark Wedloe had a dog named,Gentle Ben and he liked honey..


    hi(((Skull)))!!!...Smells like there's an imposter among the feline community...No one meows quite like (((Snowball)))...

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    The answer above is correct, Nana. 10 points.

    But why couldn't you have just googled that?

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    Why would the cat say Meow if it wasn't Snowball?

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