What is a good power supply replacement for my computer?

I have the gateway SX2841-09e and i'm looking to upgrade the power supply because i would like to install a video card for simple pc gaming (cod 4, counterstrike, minecraft) and maybe newer, more modern games (battlefield, cod series, oblivion). I was looking at the Athena AP-MPS3ATX40 400 Watt ATX Power Supply because it's small and compact. Would this be a good replacement or are there much better options out there? Recommendations definitely help!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Careful: that's a small form factor machine and does not use a standard ATX power supply - one simply will not fit in the case. All is not lost though since there are a couple of semi-standardised minature supplies: if your existing PSU fits one of those your will probably be able to find a replacement but your choices will be more limited and you will have to look a lot harder than for a standard ATX PSU. I'm afraid I can't offer any definite suggestions since the documentation I've found on your machine online is sketchy to say the least. My suggestion would be to pull the existing supply out and carefully measure it up: that will provide the information you need to be able to locate an alternative supply.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I would recommend a Coolermaster 650 Watt Power supply for these tasks.

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