In the green lantern comics Why did they make 3 flashpoint Abin Sur Comics?

And are they going to make anymore?

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  • 9 years ago
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    In the Flashpoint universe, Hal Jordan never inherited Abin Sur's ring to become Earth's first Green Lantern, so for this event they split GL's title into 2- one to cover what Hal's role in this conflict is, the other to cover Abin Sur's. The Flash succeeded in remaking history, so Abin Sur is dead in the new history, as he was before, and Sur's ring went to Hal as it was supposed to.

    So no, no more Abin Sur comics, unless they take place in the past.

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    9 years ago

    Because in the Flashpoint universe Abin never died, so he was the Green Lantern that Earth knew. The reason there was only 3 issues was because Flashpoint was just an Event that was only temporary. There probably won't be any more issues of that Abin, however there may be a future miniseries that goes into more detail of his life in the corps, but there's no way to know for certain if there will be one.

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