Bobby Kennedys son in the news for assaulting nurses, what are your thoughts?

It happened last January and he decided to take the 2 day old newborn out for a stroll OUTSIDE with the newborn wrapped only in a diaper and not informing the nurses station. Video footage shows nurse on floor after he kicks her.

Such arrogance and matching bad judgment for this Kennedy. Until the newborn is discharged from the hospital, the responsibility for its well being belongs to the ward and the hospital.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Kennedys are above the law, they are elitists, worshiped by the liberal media.

    It was perfectly normal for this grandson of an Irish mafia gangster to mistreat a nurse, Kennedys believe they are privileged, no one can tell them what to do. How dare this nurse not exempt this Kennedy from hospital rules and procedures, Kennedys do not follow rules, everyone else does.

    Kennedy hires a lawyer to smear and demean the nurse group, attacking the victim is how the Kennedys roll.

    Liberals, of course, will blame the nurses, even though they have had to change their story once the video was released, when it was first reported, liberal apologists were saying Kennedy never touched a nurse, then when the video emerged, liberal liars were saying the nurse provoked a natural parental instinct to protect the baby, as if the nurse was going to drop kick the baby down the hall. Liberals will repeat whatever propaganda is issued by Kennedy's lawyer or George Soros.

    Sad thing, every spawn of the Kennedy family is a threat to America, this baby will grow up to be a soldier in the socialist army, committed to over-throw our capitalist economy, the Kennedys produce socialists like Teddy used to down liquor, one after another.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Terrible news. That should not have happened.

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