What is and how do you use digital media?

I've seen a number of artists on deviantART and such websites using digital media to produce a cleaner piece of art, and I was wondering what do I need to do to be able to create said art, like do I need a tablet? Can I get an expansion for my laptop to be able to do this? What programs should I use? And of course how exactly do I use this media?

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    If you do not like using a mouse nor touchpad when drawing or painting on the computer, then buy a graphics tablet (also called a pen tablet or drawing tablet).

    Wacom Bamboo Create is the BEST tablet for artists! Check out this review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8CfxqIj4iQ

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    If the Wacom Bamboo Create is to expensive for you, then buy the SMALL sized tablets, Wacom Bamboo Connect or the Wacom Bamboo Capture. Check out Wacom website because it gives more detailed information and the system requirements needed for each tablet! You can buy Wacom tablets at Wacom website or Amazon website. You can read the CUSTOMER REVIEWS at Amazon website also.

    Here is a list of digital art software programs that are used for drawing and painting on the computer. Some of these programs are easy to learn while others are more complex. Some of these programs are 100% Free while others offer a Free Trial to see if you like it before buying it. To guarantee a virus-free program, always download the software from the manufacturer's OFFICIAL website only!

    1. Adobe Photoshop by Adobe Systems Inc.

    2. ArtRage by Ambient Design Ltd 

    3. Artweaver by Boris Eyrich Software

    4. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk Inc

    5. ChibiPaint

    6. Color It! by Digimage Arts 

    7. Corel Painter 12 by Corel Corporation

    8. Corel Painter Essentials by Corel Corporation 

    9. DrawPlus by Serif

    10. Gimp by The Gimp Team 

    11. Flame Painter by Escape Motions (Peter Blaskovic)

    12. Krita by Krita

    13. Microsoft Paint by Microsoft Corporation

    14. MyPaint by InTiLinux

    15. NeoPaint by NeoSoft Corp.

    16. OpenCanvas by PGN Corp. (PortalGraphics.Net)

    17. Paint.net by dotPDN LLC

    18. Paint Tool Sai by Systemax Inc.

    19. Paintbrush Sourceforge by Soggy Waffles

    20. Pixia by Isao Maruoka

    21. PostworkShop by Xycod

    22. Project Dogwaffle by Daz 3D

    23. Queeky by Queeky

    24. SmoothDraw

    25. Sumo Paint by Sumo Ltd.

    26. Tux Paint by Bill Kendrick

    27. TwistedBrush by Pixarra Inc.

    28. Ultimate Paint by J-T-L Development

    29. Wizardbrush by Eusoftware Co. Ltd.

    NOTE: Some of the software programs mentioned above were specifically designed for photo editing and image manipulation of real photographs but people have to come use them as drawing and painting programs. These include Adobe Photoshop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhK7kraboq4

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    , Gimp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeTYI4MFXdg

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    , and probably others on the above list.


    You can also create art and animation customizing computer generated characters, props, environments, and more to your liking using the following software. No drawing experience required! (Not sure if a tablet is required for this type of software, so do more research to find out).


    1. Daz Studio by Daz 3D

    Read info here: http://www.daz3d.com/i/products/daz_studio?

    Look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3H8hKIs4IE

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    2. Poser by Smith Micro Software Inc.

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