out-of-state tuition / in-state-tuition college help?

Currently, I'm in Arkansas, i have no desire to stay in the state once i head for collage. Problem is, my family isn't the best off. I want to major in Psychology and/or minor in (creative) writing. Is there any school in the U.S. where i can get a decent education for these two subjects without the tuition being majorly overpriced?

If not is there a place in the state of Arkansas where i can get a decent education for these subjects?

Im a junior in high school and currently i have a cumulative GPA of about 3.3, and i've taken two years foreign language (which is good for collage)

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  • 8 years ago
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    First of all, I would apply for financial aid and scholarships to see if you can afford to go to the college of your choice.

    As a second option, you could research community colleges located in the state in which you want to move. Though most schools have a very high out of state tuition rate, the cost is much less at some community colleges depending on the state. (ex: $5,000 in tuition/semester).

    Some states also offer breaks in out-of state tuition to residents of neighboring states, so you could also check that out.

    As a last resort, you could try registering for online classes. In most states, a student is only required to pay out-of-state tuition for one year after becoming a resident. If the out-of-state university allows it, you may be able to enroll in online classes at a local community college in Arkansas for at least a semester and then move before the semester begins.

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  • 8 years ago

    You might consider working your way through college at College of the Ozarks, also known as Hard Work U. College of the Ozarks offers a psychology minor but not a creative writing minor. However, you could earn an English minor with a focus on writing.

    For a psychology major with a creative writing minor at a school in Arkansas, consider Arkansas Tech.

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    The trick to getting extra aid - merit aid, that based on your academics or other factors (not financial, which you'll get anyway) - is to apply to schools where you're a desirable applicant. So that's schools where your SATs and GPA are high for them. That's also schools where you'd add diversity to their campus - so for example, you might look at Regis College in Mass., which recently became co-ed. They are actively seeking males, and in addition, you'd also add geographic diversity to their campus, because they don't get a lot of applicants from Arkansas. They may throw some merit aid at you, to encourage you to come. That, plus the financial aid you'd get based on your income, might make an out of state school affordable. Another example might be U Maine Orono. If your SAT ends up being highish for them, you'd also be adding geographic diversity, so they may give you some merit aid to encourage you to attend.

    So when you apply to colleges, apply to the best public uni in your home state, which is U Arkansas (which, btw, does not suck, academically.) You'll get the lower, in-state rate on tuition there. Then in addition, apply to some schools out of state where you'd be an attractive candidate because either your GPA/SAT is high for them, or you'd add geographic or another type of diversity to their campus. In those out of state schools, be sure to include some private schools, because they're most likely to give you some merit aid.

    See where you get in, see what the aid offers look like. Calculate how much in loans you'd need to take out for each school, then decide where you'll go.

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