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I need to know what IS THE VIETNAM WAR. AND WHY DID IT HAPPEN. AND HOW IT WAS TAKEN CARE OF. AND WHO WON? Please help. Due Thursday, research.

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    Which Vietnam War -- The First Indochina War (The War of Independence [1946-1954]) or the Second Indochina War [1954-1975](commonly called the Vietnam War) or the Third Indochina War [1976-1979] or the Fourth Indochina War [1979-1991].

    I suggest you look at some books -- here is a good selection.

    "In Search of Southeast Asia", edited by Dr. David Chandler (now an Emeritus Prof. at Monash University).

    "History of Southeast Asia", by D.G. Hall.

    "Vietnam", written by Jean Lacoutre and translated to English by Malcolm Salmon. This will give you a view from a French Communist author.

    "Vietnam: a history", written by an American Stanley Karnow

    "Dispatches", written by Michael Herr

    "From Vietnam to Bagdad", by Peter Arnett.

    There are many more books I could suggest, but these will give you a broad perspective by historians and former journalists.

    You could also go over some of my answers and also those of Gerald Cline who disagrees with my political perspective, but agrees with most of my historical statements.

    Source(s): A former TV news cameraman and journalist with over 30 years in the industry in Australia and Southeast Asia. Currently a SE Asian historian.
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    As Walter noted, we agree on the history even though we have reached some different conclusions. He is also right that the only way you are really going to be able to draw your own conclusion is to read some books on the subject. Unfortunately you find yourself in a time-bind. If you want to check on some of my responses you can click on my avatar to access my home-page.

    If you want a couple or three other books to check out try:

    The Vietnam War: The illustrated history of the conflict in Southeast Asia; Ray Bonds editor: this is an excellent history of the war starting with the French Indochina War and going on into the aftermath of the Communist victory in 1975. It is history, and does not push an agenda.

    On Strategy: A critical analysis of the Vietnam War; by Colonel Harry Summers Jr.: more opinionated, but an excellent source on the conflict.

    Dirty Little Secrets of the Vietnam War; by James Dunngan and Albert Nofi: an amusing book of that looks at some of the less obvious aspects of the war (like confronting tigers while on patrol).

    Source(s): Vietnam vet (USAF medic 1969/70) History-buff....
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    Doing research online does not mean getting us to do your homework for you. I will give you some starting points though. Look up Gulf of Tonkin incident, LBJ, Tet Offensive and Jane Fonda. That will get you started. 48 hours is plenty of time to do your homework.

    Source(s): I spent 12 years doing my homework.
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    Do your own homework kid.

    Heaven forbid you actually learn something.

    You are a shining example of what's wrong with the world. Sometimes you have to put in a little effort on your part to succeed.

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    Ever heard of Google? Ask? Yahoo!? Bing? Wikipedia?

    Try those first, then ask any other questions.

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    You must be a product of the failed US public school system.

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    Enjoy :D

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    Is this a serious question? And thanks, teacher, for the assignment.

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