what is Acute Myeloid Leukemia?

can anyone tell me what acute myeloid leukemia ( AML ) is?....i have a science project and need to know the definition and other stuff so please help!!!! its deling with cancer i know that!!! HELP

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  • 9 years ago
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    Oh gosh. This is kind of complicated. You need to understand that your bone marrow makes your blood cells. The first blood cell it has is the hematopoietic stem cell, and this stem cell becomes myeloid stem cells and lymphoid stem cells. Your lymphoid stem cells become your lymphocytes (B and T cells), while your myeloid stem cells become your red blood cells, your monocytes, megakaryocytes, and myeloblasts. Your myeloblasts become your neutrophils, basophils, and eosinophils.

    So what is cancer? Its uncontrolled replication of a cell. What is leukemia? It is a type of cancer when you have uncontrolled replication of any of the blood cells I listed above. So what is AML? this is when you have uncontrolled replication and accumulation of the immature myeloblasts. What makes this even more complicated is that there are many types of AMLs, and they are all characterized differently.

    With this you will get a high white blood cell count. You will also get acute symptoms of anemia, thrombocytopenia, and neutropenia.

    This disease seems pretty complicated for a science project... I tried to explain it as simply as possible

  • 4 years ago

    they're all exceptional here's a description of AML Acute myeloid leukemia (AML), sometimes called acute myelogenous leukemia, is a melanoma of the myeloid line of blood cells, characterised by means of the fast development of irregular white blood cells that collect within the bone marrow and intrude with the creation of ordinary blood cells. AML is probably the most normal acute leukemia affecting adults, and its occurrence raises with age. Although AML is a quite infrequent ailment, accounting for roughly 1.two% of melanoma deaths within the United States,[1] its occurrence is anticipated to broaden because the populace a long time. The signs of AML are induced by means of substitute of ordinary bone marrow with leukemic cells, which explanations a drop in crimson blood cells, platelets, and ordinary white blood cells. These signs comprise fatigue, shortness of breath, convenient bruising and bleeding, and elevated danger of contamination. Several danger elements and chromosomal abnormalities had been recognized, however the designated purpose isn't transparent. As an acute leukemia, AML progresses quickly and is most of the time deadly inside weeks or months if left untreated. AML has a couple of subtypes; therapy and diagnosis varies amongst subtypes. Five-yr survival varies from 15–70%, and relapse fee varies from 33-seventy eight%, relying on subtype. AML is dealt with to start with with chemotherapy geared toward inducing a remission; sufferers would possibly move directly to obtain further chemotherapy or a hematopoietic stem mobile transplant. Recent study into the genetics of AML has resulted within the availability of exams that may are expecting which drug or medicinal drugs would possibly paintings great for a precise sufferer, as good as how lengthy that sufferer is most likely to outlive

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