Is it illegal to post a picture on facebook without consent?

I have a sister in-law who decided to block me from facebook and occasionally takes pictures of my one year old son on her phone and then posts the pictures on facebook without my permission. Im not able to see them because I am blocked, but my husband can and I Just want to know if she can get in any kind of trouble?

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  • helene
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    9 years ago
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    Unless they're pornographic pictures of your child, she is allowed to post any of HER OWN pictures that she desires, and it's perfectly legal, and she doesn't need your permission either.

    This is how it goes---anything that I can see from a public place, I am allowed to take a picture of, and that picture is mine. I can post that picture anywhere I want or show it to anyone I like, without permission from anyone who might happen to be in the photo.

    The only time the subject's permission is required is if I want to SELL that photo or use it to earn money. Even then it would be civil matter, not a criminal one. The police are not going to want to get involved in a family Facebook squabble.

    Hope that helps.

  • 9 years ago

    You can ask fb to remove the picture of your child if your child is under 13. I just don't see the point however. She is your child's aunt. That must mean something even if the two of you are not getting along. Be the bigger person. She has her own relationship with the child, obviously. Why would you stir the turds.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes it's illegal, your child is a minor. She has no right to post photos of your child without you or your husbands consent.

    Make a fake Facebook, and look at it that way. You cant report it on that account, you might end up getting her banned. Also, try adding her... Don't make it seem like you. ( thats if the photos are private)

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