Should i go with vortec heads.. or just machine and maybe trick out my old tbi heads.?

has anyone done the swap from to tbi heads to vortec heads.. is the swap really worth the headache.. ive heard u have to change the intake, and to run the egr you have to get new exhaust manifold for the left side and possibly run burn a new chip to match your upgrades to make it idle right.. Well im thinking to save money i could just redo my old tbi heads and get bigger valves or something and gain the same extra 40 to 50 hp ive been told the vortec heads can add... O and does anybody have any sugestions for a good towing cam. I dont want the lift to be to much i still want to use the factory computer settings if possible

i am in the process of building my motor for my truck. I am building my new motor outside the truck so it can be a very easy swap. heres what i have so far 355 motor ( 350 bore 30 over) 4bolt main new everything eagle crank,new rod an main bearings cam bearing freeze plugs new flat top 9:6.1 pistons new rings new 2 pc timing cover double timing chain has a new oil pan an pump hi volume wit arp stud bolt..... now"The Motor Only needs a Top End too run and cam of my choice. its a 3970014 block"never been ran....

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  • Joseph
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    8 years ago
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    first off, the TBI heads I assume you are referring to throttle body injection. I wouldn't advise swapping for the vortec heads. what I would do is invest in what is already there. as it is you'll need to get a chip to aid in the correct operation of your engine, the piston change is reason enough. if all you're wanting is more H/P then upgrade your cam to a 1/4 to 1/2 cam, both are used for towing(1/4) or for R/V use and will give you an increaes in H/P. as for re-doing the heads, absolutely. enlarge the exhaust first then if you have enough room, go for enlarging the intake valves. port and polish the ports and deck it .010. the decking will majke the combustion chamber smaller and there fore will give a higher compression, ='s mo' H/P, but do know now that you will have to have a performance chip that covers all of the work you have done, take the specs of the cam and all of the work done to the dealer and see what they can do for you. I venture to say you should get about another 100 ponies with all of that.

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  • 8 years ago

    You're looking at the wrong parts to upgrade. The tbi throttle body on a sbc is like trying to run a marathon breathing through a straw. No matter how much money you put into your setup, the tbi will always hold it back from maximum volumetric efficiency. If you want to make use of your investment then swap out the tbi intake for a performer rpm manifold and a 650 cfm carb, all you will need is a regular vaccum advance distributor (about $100 new), and a fuel pressure regulator(about $40 new), call it done. As for the heads, the tbi heads are junk, vortec heads are one of the best factory heads ever made, but for real power I'd find a set of late 86 to 91 corvette L98 aluminum heads, they're capable of up to 94% volumetric efficiency and you can find a nice ready to run set for about $400. You will need a new intake anyway so just buy a decent edelbrock or a wiend and quit messing with the tbi. Take it from someone who's wasted money on it himself, live and learn

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    have your heads redone full port and polish will get you what your looking for but my suggestion is to go to the pros 1-800- 230-3030, or SummitRacing .com these people will tell you about the best cam for you and some great heads to but as i said you can have yours worked on and get just as good results but am not sure what they will cost you for a complete rebuild of heads and port and polish. also look for a good swap from the tbi, to tpi that cam on some of the camaro's -z28 iroc's this intake will be and upgade that will help you gain the most power out of what your now doing to your motor , but as i said check with Summit racing they will give your great info from hyper pros and sell you what your looking for

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