What percentage of the world's land area is in the United States?

I was wondering how much of the earth's land area is within the United States alone? If you can include Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, that would be great. And a reference would be even better. 10 points to the best answer. Thanks!

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    Any measure of the area of the U.S. should include alaska and Hawaii. Outlying territories like Puerto Rico and Guam are insignificant relative to the area of the world, or even the entire U.S..

    Divide the area of the U.S. by the area of the world:

    1. Proportion of total surface area:

    Area of U.S.: 3,790,000 sq. mi.

    Earth's total surface area: 197,000,000 sq. mi.

    3,790,000 / 197,000,000 = 0.0192385787 = about 1.9 %

    2. Proportion of total land area (using total area of U.S., including a small amount of water):

    Total land area of world: 57,268,900 sq. mi.

    3,790,000 / 57,268,900 = 0.0661790256 = about 6.6 %

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    Land Area Of Usa

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    1/14 th (7%) of total land is USA territory that includes Alaska with Hawaii & Puerto Rico making some contribution too.

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    At 3.79 million square miles (9.83 million km²) and with about 305 million people, the United States is the third or fourth largest country by total area, and third largest by land area and by population.

    Puerto covers approximately 100 by 35 miles. Being 3500 square miles in size, it is roughly the size of the state of Connecticut. The island's pupolation is 3.9 million.

    lying at the northwestern extremity of North America. Area: 590,693 sq mi (1,529,888 sq km). Population: (2010) 710,231. Capital: Juneau. Alaska is the largest in area of the U.S. states. It is bordered by Canada to the east and southeast and faces Siberia across the Bering Strait and Bering Sea to the west, and it has the highest point on the continent, Mount McKinley.

    Hawaiʻi[3 4,028.0 sq mi (10,432.5 km2)

    Kauaʻi[4] 552.3 sq mi (1,430.5 km2)

    Kahoʻolawe[5] 44.6 sq mi (115.5 km2)

    Lānaʻi[6 140.5 sq mi (363.9 km2)

    Maui[7] 727.2 sq mi (1,883.4 km2)

    Molokaʻi[8] 260.0 sq mi (673.4 km2)

    Niʻihau[9] 69.5 sq mi (180.0 km2)

    Oʻahu[10] 596.7 sq mi (1,545.4 km2)

    Source(s): Answers.com
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