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excuse letter for being absent because of dysmenorrhea?

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    Well, that's a fancy word for what ails you, but it's accurate. If this happens every month, you should get medical help. There are things they can do to make things better.

    One simple thing that sometimes helps: If you have a floor-model vacuum cleaner, get it out and vacuum your carpets for ten or fifteen minutes. The mild bending and stretching, combined with the vibrations from the vacuum cleaner, can often loosen whatever's causing the cramping.

    To answer your question: Schools these days want a parent to phone first thing in the morning with the information that the student won't be in school, and the reason. When the student returns to school, she should present the teacher with a note from home – "Please excuse Mindy's absence from school on Monday, February 27th. She was suffering from dysmenorrhea. Sincerely, Joanne Smith"

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  • 8 years ago

    Take some Pamprin and go to school.

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  • Ed Fox
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    8 years ago

    Better to phone up

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