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Why was the Balco Steroid Scandal so serious?

Barry Bonds went to jail, Marion Jones went to jail. I know they committed obstruction of justice by lying in court when asked if they took the steroids, but why did they have to go to court in the first place.

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    Taking those drugs was illegal.

    Bonds did not have a problem with baseball where many athletes took drugs with the blind consent of the leagues, so his problem was lying in court.

    Jones violated the rules of track and had to return her medals and the money she won.

    She also lied in court.

    the man behind the scandal was given house arrest for testifying against his clients.

    Steroids are very serious and a plague to sports and honest athletes.

    Like Martha Stewart the act was not the problem, but lying in a Congressional hearing under oath was the crime that sent them to prison.

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    9 years ago

    Because the steroids weren't pure enough. Damn you victor conti!

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