Length to foreclose on Wells Fargo?

I am unable to make my mortgage payment. My home is worth $50K when I owe $180K. I realize the modification that I applied for will hurt my credit so I am thinking about walking away. I want to purchase a house with cash and understand that my credit will be hurt for years to come. How long do you think I will be able to live in this home rent free before being foreclosed? Any advice?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Wells Fargo contributes to economic disparity in this country. A first step toward economic justice in our community requires you to divest from Wells Fargo and other big banks. That will help our region, too, because it will keep your money here. More importantly, though, if a divestment campaign like this works – and evidence is that divestment campaigns like this are beginning to take hold – we will actually be taking a concrete step toward empowering the people rather than the economic interests of the one percent. It will represent a dramatic shift toward embracing an economy that considers the community stakeholders first rather than the one we have now that enriches the most affluent at the expense of everyone else.

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