state of iowa can u fight a failure to yield ticket.?

the ticket is listed as Fail to obey stop sign and yield to right of way.

on this topic i did stop and looked both ways the other drive who had come to a near stop at the intersection i then proceeded into the intersection were he had sped up and swerved in front of me taking out my front bumper as it was a wet day when he swerved i got his rear tire with my front bumper.

question 1. as i did stop at the stop sign the ticket it is invalid in wording.

question 2 as i was in the intersection before he was and he swerved in front of me am i at fault or is he

question 3 if the cop took 2 hrs to arrive at the scene can it be properly attested to the nature of the accident

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  • 8 years ago
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    Not only in Iowa but any state

    You can go to court without a lawyer and act as your own attorney in which case the prosecutor will chew you up and spit you out

    You can hire an attorney for $600 and have him represent you and if you lose then you have to pay your attorney his fee as well

    So you have 2 options

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