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How do I tell if my ACFs want to breed?

my school has pet clawed frogs. We have had Merlin for a while and his hands are really dark and he has been singing for a mate so luckily someone donated 2 new girl frogs. I set them up a tank right next to him where they can see each other and now sometimes during class he makes a few sounds but usually he just does it at night (I first found out when he stayed at my house over break) so I can't really tell if they reply to him at all. Is there any other way I can tell if they want to mate or should I just try to put them together anyway and see what happens? thx for advice

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  • Robert
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    9 years ago
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    While a male ACF is ready he will start calling for a female. There will be a lot of touching, and he will mount her and fertilize thousands of eggs which are scattered all over. Tthey wil eat their eggs. Do need breed females more than 4 times a year or they will die of exhaustion.

    Singing is the best way to tell if he is ready. To make him more eager, take out 20% of the water before you add the females and add cooler (not freezing, but 10-15 degrees or so cooler). This will make him think the spring rains have come which is their favorite breeding time.

    Source(s): Robert Price, Ph.d, Herpetology Affrican Clawed Frogs Sexing and Breeding.
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