High paying technology jobs?

Since I know someone wants to say it, i know money isn't important as long as i enjoy what i'm doing! I am very interested in technology and am fascinated by computers, game systems, etc by this i mean opening them up to do a good ol' repair or building my own computers. Anyways, i am curious what technology career pays the most and maybe a little background info on the job! Thanks!!

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    If you like computers (what is not to like!) then you may want to look into going into the Information Technology (IT) area.

    I can't answer questions about gaming systems and gaming programming. Here is just a sample of a few of the non-programming computer related jobs available:

    Computer technician - Works on computer hardware. (entry level IT Job)

    Help Desk Staff - answer questions and resolve problems for the user community. (entry level IT Job - Tier 1 support)

    Storage Administrator - in charge of mass storage devices.

    Network Administrator - Works on routers, switches, hubs, cables, load balancers and all the other hardware that handles network traffic.

    Systems Administrator or Systems Engineer- Works with servers, laptops and desktop computers to keep them free of problems and secure the data they contain. These people may be divided into server and desktop teams. Tier 2 support.

    Enterprise Administrator - Handles Enterprise support and design issues. Tier 3 support.

    Active Directory Administrator - designs and administers Active Directory infrastructure.

    Exchange and Messaging Administrator - maintains mail systems servers and other devices and the messaging infrastructure.

    Backup Administrator - Maintains backup devices and determines backup strategies so data unintentionally and intentionally deleted can be recovered. They will design and control how and when data is backed up, where the backups are stored and how long the backups are retained.

    Disaster Recovery Specialist - Plans for disaster events so the company data and infrastructure can be brought back online as quickly as possible after a fire, flood, earthquake, terrorism or other disaster event.

    Database Administrator - maintains the company databases which may include customer and sales records, billing information, inventory and other data.

    Computing Security Specialist - A company's biggest asset is its data and the Computing Security Specialist will work to try to keep that data protected from being lost internally or externally. They may be dealing with and defending against viruses, hoaxes, malware, phishing attacks and domestic and foreign intrusion.

    Data Center Administrator - Maintains the data center facilities where the company's servers and other devices reside. They are responsible for physical security and may review badge reader and camera information to be sure that only individuals with proper access are getting close to the company's servers and other critical devices.

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    Someone with a Cisco CCIE certification can begin within the 6-determine neighborhood without difficulty. No measure required. This is the Rolls Royce of IT certifications. It frequently takes approximately two years of extensive research and train, at the side of an $eight,000 - $25,000 funding in Cisco gear (or costs for far off or simulated labs) for fingers-on train. This is one cert you are not able to research a ebook or 2 and take a seat for a one hour CBT scan. There is a written examination and a complete lab examination that each ought to be handed.

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    You can use a search engine like Google to find informaton for various careers

    Careers related to Technology


    Best Technology careers 2012


    You can also speak to your teacher, counselor, librarian or maybe contact the local, state, or Federal Department of Labor or Education and etc. to see if they would have any information and resources for various careers and occupations

    Good luck and I hope this will help

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