thermostat/boiler puzzler.. some sort of weird custom installation?

I've got a room temp. thermostat controlling an electromechanical boiler valve. We're attempting to utilize the night setback mode so I'm installing a digital timer that operates a relay that opens and closes the contact on the thermostat. That part is working great. Here's the weird part though:

When I first engaged night mode it increased the set temp of the room thermostat. I quickly realized that it had increased the temp because it was set to COOL (2-10v) mode. I switched it to HEAT (2-10v) mode and now the heat just stays on no matter what. I can't figure out how it worked at all in cool mode and why on earth it isn't working in heat mode. All the output modulation should have been at temps ABOVE the set temp while in cool mode right? Somehow it was always spot on until I set it 'correctly' and it now is just constantly on. Any ideas?

here's the specific thermostat, I don't know much about the boiler end other than it was done professionally so ~should~ be reliably correct.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Have you read the manual for the thermostat? If that doesn't solve it consider verifying that it is installed correctly.

  • 3 years ago

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