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Making fantasy baseball team?

hello. making my first fantasy baseball team. any suggestions on who I must have, and anyone that might look like a top pick but could screw up my season?

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    I don't think any of the top ranked players will "ruin" your season.

    Fantasy leagues are usually won,or lost in the middle rounds.

    You need a good srategy in those rounds.I would not pick any closers until after the 10th round,though.Closers are hit & miss,and may pitch 0 to 3 innings a week.You need a solid starting offense from top to bottom (including utility slots),and I think you need atleast 3 solid starting pitchers.

    If you pre-target players available in the later rounds before your draft,it'll help you a lot in the earlier rounds by not taking a player just because you need that position,but instead you can take the best available player.For instance,I pre-targetted Dee Gordon (LAD/SS) as a late round steal for his speed,and potential runs.I really liked Dee going into my draft,so instead of taking Hanley Ramirez,or

    Jose Reyes in the 2nd round (Because SS is usually a thin position.) I felt comfortable taking an outfielder Ryan Braun.

    I also knew exactly what players were going to be available in each round well before the draft.Because I expanded my predraft player rankings list (every league has them) to 400 players,then saved it,and printed it.Then I divided the players into groups of how many teams were in my league to represent rounds;Then I hi-lited players in each round I liked..It's called a CHEAT SHEET,and I highly reccomend you making a cheat sheet for yourself.Think of which pick in each round would be the best building block to creating a power house team.You can pretty much know what your team will look like before your draft even starts.


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