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What are some interesting things to do in Victoria, BC, Canada?

I know there's a lot of outdoor activities to do and sports activities, but what else is there? Are there like any cool, vintage etc markets? is there a chinatown there by any chance? do they have many shopping centres/malls? (i know these things arent the most exciting but i was just wondering/curious and im really open for anything lol ^^)

Thank you in advance ^^

(this might sound sad but are there many Tim Horton's cafes there? ;___; i love tim horton's and if there arent any branches there i would be..sad..=n= lol)

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  • Jeff H
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    Well to answer your concerns about Tim Hortons, they are quite ubiquitous in BC including Victoria so you can find them just about anywhere you travel. As for Victoria itself they do make quite a bit of money from tourism so there are many activities there besides outdoor related ones. There are a variety of museums, art galleries, theatres as well as guided tours by foot, bus, or even horse drawn carriage rides. There are several parks and gardens open to the public as well at Butchart Gardens which can be quite an enjoyable place to spend some time at. There are several wineries that offer tours and tastings and many restaurants, both small and large, for you to try. Just a short list of some of these include:

    The Royal BC Museum and IMAX Theatre complex.

    BC Maritime Museum

    BC Legislature

    Beacon Hill Park

    Government House

    Butchart Gardens

    Miniature World

    China Town (small but yes it is one of the oldest in North America)

    These are only a few of the different things you can see. And yes there are a couple of malls in Victoria including Mayfair, the Bay Centre (right downtown), and Uptown.

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    In and around Market Square there are a cool array of shops from the necessary to the not so.

    You could walk up Government Street which has lots of restaurants, stores, & services. There is also a back entrance to the Bay Centre shopping mall. The other malls in the Victoria area are a bit far from the central tourist areas & probably not worth it. If you really want a mall experience, Mayfair seems ok.

    Douglas Street has shops too & a few nightclubs. Club 9one9 is one of them.

    Other nightclubs in Victoria include: Lucky Bar & Sugar, among others.

    Chinatown is very small, but there are some cool places to walk around there. Avoid it at night if alone. There are some cool Chinese restaurants and stores in that area, as well as the Victoria branch of Mountain Equipment Co-Op like REI in the US.

    You could check out Capital Iron, a really cool variety store.

    A lot of people say to check out the Royal BC Museum, but check ahead and make sure they're not doing exhibit construction or you may be disappointed.

    Miniature World is pretty cool.

    I've been to Victoria lots and still haven't checked out the Art Gallery Of Greater Victoria, so check that out if you like art.

    You could go to Esquimalt and check out CFB Esquimalt & all the Navy stuff.

    If you want to find out more:

  • There's a Chinatown but its very small. Literally one intersection to another. They do claim its the oldest one in North America.

    There are suburban malls and downtown malls. You can find the same shopping stores that you would find anywhere else. Including Timmies.

    The big thing with Victoria is their waterfront especially in summer. There are jogging/walking paths along the waterfront. Nice views of the mountains in Washington state on a clear day.

    The provincial legislature is really nice. It is as good as any other in Canada.

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    Street performers and artists down by the water in front of the Empress. Have your cartoon drawn or your name written on a grain of rice.

    The Provincial Museum is quite good

    I like Munro's bookstore on Government St.

    There's a lot of kitch sold to tourists downtown, but some neat stores too.

    Visit the bug zoo and pet a tarantula (adults only; they don't trust kids)

    Take afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel

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  • 8 years ago There are 13 Tim Horton's in Victoria.

    You could always stop for tea at the Empress. They serve coffee as well

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    i hear there is a lot of good crack there.

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