College assignment, lady gaga videos?

So I have an assignment for my communications class (mass media and society) in which I have to show a media text (movie, tv show, book, ad, etc) to a group of people and have them discuss about it and gather information. I decided to do mine on Lady Gaga, I thought it would be quite interesting to find reactions during different parts of one of her music videos, but which?

Her music videos are quite explicit and I want it to be one of the longer videos to have more info. Which do you suggest (regardless of if you hate her, I'm sure some people in my group will) I use. I thought about either Alejandro, Paparazzi, or Marry the night (this one has some nudity).


Yeah the nudity is something I'm trying to avoid btw, but yeah that might work.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Marry the Night is the perfect video.

    It's the longest one of hers (almost 14 minutes long) and it's extremely, extremely symbolic.

    Some people are weirded out, saying, "Why is she painting her hair blue in the video" and "Ummm, why is there a random balareena scene" but you should know that's it's very symbolic. It's about when she got dropped from Def Jam (a large record group) and it's a story about her breakdown and her suicidal-ness, to getting back up on her feet and embracing (Marry) the darkness/ sadness (the Night).

    There are websites and videos online that explain the video step by step and it's pretty detailed and informative, you should check those out. There's only about 20 seconds where she's "nude" (even though she's fully covered, but whatever) so you can just not include those parts of the video.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well her video Telephone is a pretty good one. Its like 10 minutes long so theres a lot to draw from.

    Nudity as well, and a lot of product placement. It also caused a lot of buzz when it was released cause it was so long and fairly well directed, it also has some pop culture tie ins like the car from Kill Bill.

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