Flubarb is real isn't it! -What do you MEAN you don't KNOW what Flubarb is? Ditto 'God'. How can THAT be known?

I deny you can KNOW about ANYTHING by faith. Sure you can BELIEVE in something but that is a BIG difference. If I say I KNOW Fludarb is real you have every right to ask me just what Fludarb is. If I say you can't see / hear / smell / touch / taste OR measure it in any independently verifiable way why is it ANY different from someone's idea of a god. There are a LOT of claims about gods NONE of which can be independently verified. Faith may account a belief in ANY god at all & faith that ONE cherished text MUST be true says nothing. Neither do additional claims which are made that hundred or thousands of witnesses saw some miraculous events OR about 'fulfilled prophesies' which are highly contentious in themselves.

So if God IS real you need to say:

i. What God is.

ii. How you KNOW this without relying on either: hearsay / 'holy' texts / unsubstantiated i.e. unverifiable beliefs.

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    Well, yes. You won't get religious types answering questions like this. The harder the question, the more they all hide under their beds when they hear it.

    As a Healthy Furrist, I KNOW the benefits of healthy fur and can explain in great detail and show you if necessary.

    Christians are just parroting stuff they heard which makes them feel good about themselves because they don't need to worry about death and they can alleviate guilt for all their crap by going to church instead of taking personal responsibility.

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