best way to get free/Legal music?

there are alot of websites that say they give free music and that its legal. but i dont know wich one is best. which one do you guys think is the best music downloader website? for new music btw. i dont want old music. thanks :)


is this website good?

& i definitely dont want to buy from itunes

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okay how about are there any websites where u can get cheaper music??

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    Any websites that let you download unlimited music without a fee is illegal. Some websites that charge a fee are still illegal. Look at the bottom of the website and they should have a link that shows proof of the licensing they have. It can be tricky. I'd advise that you use Zune or iTunes.

    From what I read in the License Agreement, this is probably not a legal service. It's unlimited, free distribution of licensed media. When I clicked the download button, my Norton security program told me that the software has only been available for about a week. I wouldn't trust it. I don't think the program is safe. Like I said before, any company offering you free, unlimited downloads of ANY licensed media, music, television shows, movies, etc. is probably illegal. However, for streaming media, that is not always the case. If you want to download music, you should pay for it.

    For something cheaper than iTunes, you can get unlimited music downloads from Rhapsody for $9.99 per month. If you download a lot of music regularly, this is probably a smart option. If you only want to download a certain amount of songs, you can cancel your Rhapsody subscription within 14 days (there is a 14 day trial) and you will not be charged.

    Rhapsody is probably the company that you can trust the most, because it is so widely used. There are some other companies that offer similar service. I am personally not familiar with these companies, but you can research them and try them out if you'd like:

    Kazaa - $9.99 per month - 7 day trial

    Zune Music Pass - $9.99 per month - 14 day trial

    I believe that all these offer downloads and streaming. If you research a little more you may be able to find out for sure. You can always try the trial and then cancel it before it ends to see if you like it. I'm pretty certain that Zune is safe, but I haven't heard about a lot of people using Kazaa, so I for one would probably shy away from it.

    File sharing communities, websites where people upload music, tv, movie, or files that contain other licensed material are not legal. People seem to believe that if one person buys it, then it is okay for everyone else to download it illegally for free. That is not the case. If you search for music downloads, you may find some of these file sharing websites that present themselves as legal, and may even say they are "100% legal". They usually are not. Most of these websites are legal from the outside, but the allow all kinds of illegal activity to go on by way of their websites and software. The problem with these websites is that they are suppose to be intended for use by artists to upload and share THEIR OWN work. However, what tends to happen is that people upload licensed media instead because they think that is okay to share other people's work. In order to join these communities you have to agree that you will only share your own creations so I'm pretty sure there are tons of copyright infringements or cases of fraud going on there.

    Beemp3 is a search engine. The site itself is technically legal, but what the site does is find illegally uploaded material when you search for a song that you want. If you are really that much in need of absolutely free music, you should probably try something like Pandora that you can get on your iPhone or other smartphone. You can listen to free streaming music on that. You can't download songs, but you can create playlists and listen to them through any device that allows you to add the application. You can also get Jango mobile for some devices.

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    4 years ago

    C'mon, stop bring paranoid. I have over $2,000 worth of pirated programs & music on my PC. You can download sh*t for free, nobody gives a f**k. EDIT: NEVER use Limewire, that f*cking place has viruses up the ying-yang.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you go on youtube select the song you like

    copy it's url (the or what ever it is)

    on google search video to mp3

    click on the first link

    enter the url on the little seacrh box kind of thing

    after a while it will be downloaded :)

    Source(s): I think its legal i used on many occasions
  • 8 years ago

    Go to your local library.they have a fine selection of current and classic music genres

    Source(s): Personal experience
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Bearshare is full of viruses. Don't download it.


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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